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Bishop Odo – model religious leader

Bishop Odo wielding The Holy Ghost at the Battle of Hastings – from the Bayeux Tapestry


The Lady That’s Known as Lou

This week’s news from Sri Lanka and Saudi Arabia got me thinking aplenty about religion and religious leaders. William the Conquerer made his brother Odo a bishop. Odo – being a Christian  Bishop –  could not carry a sword.  Pope Alexander II – the first undemocratically elected pope – allowed Odo could use a large club – which the Pope Christened “The Holy Ghost” – to beat the brains out of many an Anglo Saxon at the Battle of Hastings. Odo commissioned  an illustrated history of the battle – The Bayeux Tapestry – preserved miraculously and now on display at Bayeux in Normandy. William stole Dover Castle and the entire County of Kent – handed it over to to Odo. Odo stole plenty himself – even from his brother the Conqueror. Odo was a marketing genius and probably invented Purgatory. We don’t know if Odo messed with women. The Tapestry is beautiful and even a cynic would say that Odo did (some) good. god rest Odo in Holy Peace. amen.


Bartender Sam Calgary Ranchmen’s Club

Jason Kenney

Jason Kenney put Humpty Dumpty together again. Once Kenney united the Right – the writing was on the wall – but only pudgy little disciplined political genius Jason Kenney. Since Sir John A. Macdonald – maybe William MacKenzie King (he resembles King but is a better speaker and has a smaller ego) – no politician has matched him.

One wonders who was he oil patch genius who financed the Wild Rose Party in the first place. Oil companies should stay away from political intrigue and politicians should stay away from oil companies. Once Big Oil handed  Right-Wing big bucks, Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall and only a political genius could put him together again.

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