• Canada’s COVID Count … B.C.’s November 19/20 COVID Restrictions
        • He’s about to get a spanking

          Spoiled kids finally put spine in B.C. Premier Horgan’s weak COVID fight – because of hospital crisis, he cracks down on fun travel – if he finds you outside of your home-health-district, he’ll fine you  – he’ll stop RV ferry travel –  you must stay in your own health district or he’ll fine you (the cops are out looking for you!!!) – hotels and motels won’t rent to outside fun seekers … READ MOREREAD LES LEYNE … How about putting these spoiled brats in jail?

        • Eye-Opener Editor Bob Edwards

          • Trudeau Liberals bring in Federal Budget – aims at $10 per day child care by 2025 … (don’t the Provinces have to agree? – will the Liberals ever do it?!!!) … (the budget doesn’t mention free pharmacare!!!) SEE MORE … raises 3.55 billion – goes light on FatCat taxes – taxes the internet, tiny-taxes conspicuous consumption toys, limply aims at foreign-owned empty houses, “cracks down” on abuse and tax collection, tut-tuts about foreign tax shelters … SEE MORE
        • ICBC caught with their fingers in the cookie jar – B.C. government put them up to it … READ MORE
        • Rogers monopoly-cell-phones cross-country-crater SEE MORE
        • Environmentalist doctor/commentator and chief advisor to Premier Gordon Campbell both accuse B.C.’s Premier John Horgan as a damn-the-environment jobs-jobs-jobs-guy SEE MORE
        • The funeral of Prince Philip – WATCH THE BBC DOCUMENTARY
        • Gimlet-eyed-bean-counters sink 24 units of affordable housing in Victoria … SEE MORE 
        • Russia blows up Czech ammunition dump … SEE MORE
        • China and Russia using vaccines to blackmail desperate countries … READ MORE
        • Ontario premier Doug Ford tries to crack down on COVID-super-spreaders – police mutiny – Ford backs down … SEE MORE
        • The workplace is a COVID-super-spreader – either employers must pay sick pay or government must take over workplaces  … governments do nothing … SEE MORE
        • Top communications expert Michael Geist says the Trudeau Liberals hate an open internet … READ GEIST’S BLOG
        • The U.S. Centre for Disease Control declares it’s OK to mix Moderna and Pfizer vaccines … but adds the weaselly words “in exceptional situations”  SEE MORE
        • Victoria region CAN-DOS an excellent emergency response system … SEE MORE
        • B.C. campsite

          B.C. will pump $83 million into its parks … SEE MOREREAD LES LEYNE

B.C. will loan $2 billion to  middle-income housing builders … SEE MORE

The last day you can vote in B.C. Election is October 24 – Here’s how to do it

Trump pressures U.S. Attorney General to attack Biden – erode Watergate anti-dictatorship safeguards


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