Political Contributions — Legalized Bribery

2016-04-19 – Les Leyne of The Victoria Times Colonist reports that B.C.’s Conflict-of-Interest Commissioner’s law firm has donated $25,485 to the Christy Clark tories — Commissioner Fraser conducts an inquiry on tory fund-raising – claims he’s not in conflict-of-interest.

2016-04-12 – B.C. has the most corrupt fund-raising system in Canada – Globe and Mail Editorial
2016-04-06 – Ontario Premier Wynne orders end to fundraising from firms, people in business with government – Adrian Morrow
2016-04-06 – Ottawa to spend $4.44 Million chasing tax didlers – Percy Downe
2016-04-07 – Premier rejects donor reforms sought by NDP on ‘big money’ – The Victoria Times Colonist