The Draft — Compulsory Conscription

Field Marshall Gabriel DumontThe University of Manitoba and the Canadian Department of National Defense have discovered that Canada recruits soldiers from troubled backgrounds. Recruited soldiers are mercenary soldiers. As Field Marshall The Duke of Wellington said of his mercenaries:

“I don’t know if my soldiers frighten the enemy  but they scare the living daylights out of me.”

My understanding is that the Canadian Military (and the U.S. Military) recruit in areas of high employment in areas of limited opportunity from people burdened with numerous troubled backgrounds and disadvantages. Is this not — in part – the reason many veterans are unemployed after they leave the military?


Bob Edwards

Oka 1990

But watch the young Canadian soldier facing up to “militants” at Oka back in 1990 … this fellow was not only very brave … he was very well-trained. Unbeatable !!!!

Field Marshall Gabriel Dumont

Field Marshall Gabriel Dumont

I think our youngsters would be lots better off if each and every one of them — each young Canadian man and each young Canadian woman — was forced to serve two years in the military or in working for Canada.. I know the draft nearly destroyed Canada in 1917 and 1944 but that was because the Roman Catholic Church was so opposed to it.


John Ware – former slave who became Alberta rancher

The U.S. military opposes the Draft because any citizens drafted — and their loved ones — are extremely wary of foreign adventures like Iraq and Afghanistan. And they  become closely familiar with the nitwiteries of the military and the military/industrial complex. The prospect of being slaughtered in a foreign land concentrates the mind wonderfully.  If America had had a draft, the Iraq and Afghanistan wars wouldn’t have happened.

Eye Opener's Devil

Eye Opener’s Devil