Toryanosaurus Canadiansus


April 25, 2016 – Liberals Mull Public Pension Funds To Help Pay For Infrastructure

April 2, 2016 – Canada joins the global Anti-Austerity Club – Victoria Times Colonist

Before 1929, the idea of the a balanced budget was actually serious – The Great Depression and the Bennett Buggy fixed that.

Franklin Delano Rossevelt’s New Deal pulled North America out of The Great Depression.

RoosevelLord Strathcona --- He drove the last spiket spent his way out of the Depression’s misery and unemployment. And Roosevelt won the Second World War with massive budget deficits — as soon as the war ended, North America’s greatest period of prosperity started and deficits ended. And everyone, the poor and the rich benefited. What brought on the Great Depression were rich folks and their hired guns,the conventional economists and bulimic budget balancers of the day. The rich booboisie of those primative times thought that governments used deficits to transfer money to the poor and every penny they gave the poor was a loss to the rich folk. Blinded by greed, they couldn’t see that the poor were their best customers and that, if their customers didn’t have any money they couldn’t buy. The Globe and Mail reports that most Canadians are smart enough to support deficits in the present “recession”. Even Stephen Harper hasn’t been bull-headedly stupid enough not to create deficits. Until shortly before he lost power he supported them and lost power when — for ideological reasons — he stopped using them . Tory strategist Bruce Anderson asks for common-sense in a Globe op-ed:

“When it comes to tax dollars, we’re looking for common sense.

Spend what’s necessary to provide services – without spending so much that our taxes become unaffordable. Prime the economic pump when things are sluggish. But only up to a point.”

Until last October 19, Stephen Harper believed — in the words of H.L. Mencken, that “no one ever underestimated the intelligence of the Canadian People”.  I believe the no one ever underestimated the common sense of a previously successful zealot.



March 18, 2016 – Is Swivel-Eyed Loonery on its last legs?

These  last two weeks, one of the Globe’s top reporters has spent eons

Marty Feldman

Keen swivel-eyed tory

tracing down Stephen Harper – but months ago Prime Minister Snarl smirked from every television in the land. Has his visage descended into the primodal ooze surrounding Abbostsford, B.C. or fozzalized where the dinosaurs roam in the Alberta badlands.

But there is more. According to The Guardian newspaper, English Tories still complain plenty of the prevalence of “swivel-eyed” loons inside and outside the Conservative Party. No longer in Canada. Just months ago the birds squawked and ravished the environment in Canada but no more. They’ve disappeared. I’m told by a prominent evangelical that the rot laid in when god extincted the dinosaur  two thousand years before the demise of Stockwell (Alley Oop) Day.

Many Canadians wouldn’t know a loon — let alone a swivel-eyed one — if it stared them in the face. Our dollar may be called a “loonie” but would your ordinary red-blooded Canadian know one side of the coin from the other?

In any event Dear-Reader, here is how to spot your classic Swivel-Eyed loon — if it still exists.

Habitat: Commonly found along the Trans Canada Highway in B.C.’s Lower Mainland; along the Calgary/Edmonton Corridor up where the dinosaurs roam; everywhere on the Prairie Steppe south of the North Saskatchewan except those dens of corruption centered in Saskatoon and Regina and Winnipeg. Since the Quiet Revolution it has also disappeared from Quebec.

Family:The swivel-eyed loon (Gavia articulata oculus canadienis) shares some behaviour and appearances with turkeys, non-free-range chickens, dodo-birds (now gone extinct), ostriches and dinosaurs.

Behaviour in the wild: Eyes gyrate as on swivels but only to the right. Squawk incessently of ungrateful aborignals, aggressive women, immigrants who breed like shads and dilute Canada’s bloodline, ministers who stray from the true word of the Gospel, aid to no-good foreigners in lands far-away. These birds are occupied exclusively with minding other people’s business and worrying that someone, somewhere is having fun.

Behaviour in captivity: Calm, cool and collected with knowing smile. Squawk reduced to whine or muffled screech. Patiently explain that hatred of immigrants and First Nations not to be confused with racism, the Orange Lodge, Nazism, and the Ku Klux Klan; nor opposition to gay marriage confused with prejudice. Continue, behind the scenes, to mind other peoples’ business and wage The War on Pleasure, while appearing to be exclusively occupied with budget-balancing and pooh-poohing concerns about inequality.

The Swiveller was the “base” that elected the Snarl That Walks. And the disappearance of the Swiveller  may have caused  the disappearance of Harperism  — can Harperism not to do without the Swiveller — in the Hinterland, the Swiviller delivered popular majorities in Hinterland even in constituencies surrounding the Sodoms and Gomorrahs of Canada’s cities. It took Mr. Harper, that great unsmiling herder of cats, five years to domesticate the Swivellers. All that sweat may be gone for naught.

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