Luxury condo lobbyist breaks into crocodile tears – says developers not making much money – mayor feels everyone’s pain – Victoria Council delays/nixes affordable housing

Beware the Korrectness Cops – The Economist warns that “Amercia is a melting pot …” is now politically incorrrect

Province to help build 588 affordable rentals in Victoria

New Victoria Council forms advisory committee for renters

While developer lobbyist cries poverty B.C. silver spoon developer donates $50 million to scholarship fund as birthday present

Victoria Times Colonist doesn’t list lure of condo profits as reason why so little rental building

Washington Post: When Amazon’s second HQ comes to town a city becomes unaffordable – “… where do the day laborers, the bar backs, the janitors go?”

Real Progress for Victoria –Viking Air parent scoops up Dash 8 program from Bombardier for $300M

Colonist cooly reports – 67% of Victoria and 57% of Saanich voters order Citizen’s Assembly on amalgamation

Degree laden developer claims bureaucracy adds $85,000 to each housing unit cost

Oak Bay levies $48,350 fine for poisoning boulevard tree

Times Colonist reports that Victoria toursim “sparkles” – but no mention of traffic from the Coho

Citizen reason  finally saves Cook Street Village from bicycle-obsessed planners sycophanting to Victoria’s groovy mayor

Johnson Street Bridge builder sues City of Victoria





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