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No masks necessary @!!!***???

Mr. Bumble

Claims B.C. “Seniors Advocate”: “The Law” allows workers in Old Folks Homes workers not to be vaccinated … Read MORE … In the words of Charles Dickens’s Mr. Bumble: “If the law allows that, the law’s an ass!!!

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Oak Bay Retiree – Lord Strathcona – He built the CPR – a Kapitalist’s Kapiitalist – one-time MP

The other day the Old Timer from Pincher Creek asked me how I’d clean up election debates.

He asked the right guy. I was a member of the Canadian House of Commons and fought many an election battle – and often ignored the Marquis of Queensbury Rules.

Americans don’t force their presidential candidates to debate. Presidential candidates never did debate until the Kennedy/Nixon debates of 1960. Before 1960 an American law made all Presidential  Debates illegal unless each and every candidate for president could attend – in 2020 1,222 candidates are running for president. The U.S. got rid of that law in 1960.

Most presidential candidates attend debates only because the U.S. public demands it. Most candidates try to avoid presidential debates because one slip of a candidates or his memory can lose he or she the election. Examples:

Nixon’s Five o’clock shadow

Here’s how Ronald Regan knocked out Fritz Mondale in 1984. Nixon’s five o’clock shadow lost him the 1960 election.


Mulroney k.o.’s Turner

Here’s Brian Mulroney knocking out Prime Minister John Turner in 1984.

U.S. laws should force candidates to debate – under Robert’s Rules of Order and additions of Roberts and The Chief Justice of the United States should chair the debates. Candidates would stop interrupting, failing to stick to the point, lying.

Canadians should force Canadian party leaders and provincial leaders to appear in election debates before the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada and the top court of each province.

And judges should chair our parliament and the provincial legislatures for the same reasons they should chair election debates. 

See U.S. Presidentail Debates – Wikipedia:

Old Pro Lawrie McFarlane: Canadian Leaders’ Debates beat the U.S. ones


Even if Joseph Biden beats Donald Trump in the November 3 Election – there’s every indication Biden will – even then –  will Trump  give up the White House? NO! NO! NO! Taking the White House away from Trump is taking a bone away from a mad dog.

The demons of MEMEMEism and Don’t-Give-a-Damn invaded Trump’s mind many years ago. It’s impossible for Trump to give up something that belongs to him – in his sick mind – the White House belongs to him. He’ll try to keep it – by hook and by crook – he’s a psychopath – a crook. The Democrats and the U.S. Judiciary and the Republicans better have plans in place!!!



Scientific American: Eight Common Narcissist Lies – see

Famous narcissists –

Hitler was a narcissist -

The U.S.’s Most narcissistic presidents –

Trump – Sociopath? – The Atlantic/2016 –

Villains of History -


Last July 74% of the citizens of B.C. wanted their government to force their peoples to wear masks. Fifty years ago – if “The Authorities” – social or political – told B.C. citizens that face masks could stop COVID-19 from spreading – the whole province would put them on. In those days Society banned free thinkers  on health  and slammed they and those who stunk of body odour (“B.O.”)  and halitosis into Coventry.

Donald Trump has hit upon not wearing a mask as the greatest rallying cry for evil since Hitler found the swastika. Refusing to wear a mask has spread North.

Unless Government makes it plenty uncomfortable not to wear a mask and arrests resistors and puts them in jail,  jackasses won’t wear masks. So governments must force – and force plenty hard – dimwits to wear masks..




Incompetent in all things

Polls report that more Americans believe that Donald (Pinocchio) Trump – because he is a “businessman” -can handle the U.S. Economy better than can Joe Biden. Many media folk believe that, therefore, U.S. Republicans will try to fight the Presidential Election Campaign on the Economy and Democrats on Trump’s mismanagement of the Coronavirus. Master politician Lyndon B. Johnson used to say that the trouble with liberals was that they had no guts. If liberals (liberals dominate the Democratic Party) can’t fight the election on the Economy issue, then Johnson should have added that neither do liberals have brains nor eyes nor ears nor noses.

On his record, Donald Trump couldn’t manage a lemon-aide stand. Trump is a spoiled little rich boy whose grandfather Frederich successfully pimped in the Yukon 120 years ago. Donald Trump’s father was a smart, tough, mean home builder who found himself in the world’s most dynamic city during World War II and afterwards. He and his partner mother knew real estate management and development. That’s all Fred knew. He certainly did not know how to pick a successor – he picked his son Donald to succeed him. Fred – himself – always ran his business well and left an estate of close to Two Billion 20020 dollars.

After Fred became senile, Donald ended up running the company and ran it into the ground. With his daddy’s money, Donald bought into all sorts of silly corporate adventures – from gambling casinos to airlines to hotels and resorts. None of them succeeded – he bankrupted them all. In two words – Donald  was no businessman.  He went through six bankruptcies. American banks stopped loaning him money. The reason Donald Trump won’t release his tax returns is almost certainly because the returns will show that he blew the whole Trump fortune. (By the way, Donald Trump does not own present day “Trump” hotels and resorts – real businessmen own them – they only pay to use the Trump name.)

“Oh,” Donald Trump will say: “Look how well my economy was doing before the Coronavirus struck.” The truth is that – in 2008 – Trump’s predecessor, Obama, and the liberals’ present candidate for the Presidency – Joe Biden – inherited a U.S. economy bankrupted by the Republican Party. Obama (and Joe Biden) brought the U.S. Economy  back and made it prosper and grow – Trump merely coasted on the Obama Economy – even though – under Trump –  it didn’t grow like Obama’s had. And Trump’s handling of the Coronavirus further proves his inveterate incompetence.

Even Trump’s sister Maryanne (she used to write Donald’s High School exams for him) declared (on tape) that Donald was a complete washout and shouldn’t be President of the United States.

If the Democratic Party hasn’t the guts and brains to show Trump up as a business incompetent, there shouldn’t be a Democratic Party. And there won’t be a Democratic Party if Trump wins the November Election.

READ about Trump’s niece Mary’s book – Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man – about her incompetent, boorish uncle BY CLICKING HERE: (You can buy the book through the Eye Opener – see Ad at right) … AND …  READ Donald Trump’s Wikipedia biography:


John Ware – Alberta Rancher from Texas

The Korrectness Kops

Ordinary Yankees are tired of snooty Political Correctness Commissars and their Korrectness Kops. “Guys” and “Gals” – words banned by the Kops – have bitten their tongues raw. The Kops will have none of “Easter eggs” – the eggs are now to be called “spring spheres”. The Kops have banned Santa’s “Ho, Ho, Ho” – it’ll offend “sex workers”. They’ve sent “fishermen” to the ocean depths. They’ve banned all history books using the terms “BC” (Before Christ) and “AD” (Anno Domini) – and they’ll burn at the stake any professor using either term – the prof can use only   ‘Before Common Era’ / ‘After Common Era’. The Kops have banned Common Sense. Many hard-working Americans far from snooty American Universities – revolted  – voted for a Nazi – Donald Trump – in 2016. They’re liable to do it again.

See  more examples of Korrectness-Kopisms at

“Losers and Suckers” and Winston Churchill versus Trump

The Greatest Generation

Winston Churchill

“President” Trump

In 2017 “President” Trump refused to visit America’s war dead at a military cemetery in France – it was raining – he said  – the rain would ruin his hairdo  – anyway – the dead soldiers – who ordinary folks call “the Greatest Generation” – were nothing but “losers and suckers” – those losers and suckers said  Winston Churchill   – “will stand forth as  the most unselfish and unsordid act in human history”. They saved the world from the likes of Trump.

America was – in my day – “the last best hope of humanity”. Those dead soldiers proved it. I think it still is but America must rid itself of this horrible “guttersnipe” as Churchill would have called him. I pray they will. Or America will sink into what Churchill called “the abyss of a new Dark Age made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted, by the lights of perverted science”

Trump comes to it honestly – his grandfather was a draft-dodger – so was his father – so was he – his father hired a crooked doctor. The doctor concocted the tale that bone-spurs had invaded Trumps feet  and exempted Trump him from the military draft – from having to serve – give up his life if necessary – for his country – “the last best hope of humanity”.

The Old Timer from Pincher Creek

The soldiers stood for America the Beautiful. Trump stands for for America the Ugly. Pray folks. The Good Guys have got to win.



Bob Edwards, Editor

It’s universal and timeless. From time to time, fanatics turn up in every political party. They’re usually the hardest workers and are often mighty effective. They are attractive but fatally attractive. Someone has got to purge them and that someone has got to be strong. Franklin Delano Roosevelt wheedled Left-Wingers (the real bad ones) out of the U.S. Democratic Party  in the 1930s. In Canada, Tommy Douglas purged the Saskatchewan NDP (then called the CCF) of Communists and then led North America’s first Socialist government. Ernest Manning purged Nazis out of the Social Credit Party in Alberta after William Aberhardt died. Even Hitler and Stalin had to liquidate hotheads more hotheaded than they.

Many – including I – thought the U.S. Democratic Party was headed to factional oblivion. We were wrong. 

What a rational China would do!!!


Editor Bob Edwards

Says Gwynne Dyer in the London Free Express:

And so to the grand drama of Trump’s tariff war with China. This one ought to be a no-brainer, because China is in an extremely vulnerable position. Its exports to America are worth almost three times as much as U.S. exports to China, so it really cannot afford to lose the U.S. market. 

Why don’t U.S. eggheads and trade fanatics know that?

Dyer says that China could easily and cheaply give Trump a phony trade victory like the one Canada’s Chrystia Freeland  gave him in the New NAFTA while she laughed- quietly – all the way to the bank – Trump will buy anything  which sells in Red Neck America where is located Trump’s base. 

Chinese dictator Xi has his own Red Neck base to please – and China’s Red Necks may revolt if China loses face against Trump. The real  Chinese economy already starves Chinese workers  of jobs and Xi also risks revolution for that reason too. Revolution in China means that Xi and his cronies – if they are lucky – will simply be lined up against walls and given the AK-47 treatment – if they are lucky – quickly. Xi fills his nightmares with images of the executions of Muammar Gaddafi and the Ceausescus.

According to Dyer, Xi’s only solution may be to stir up Red Neck support by trying to invade Taiwan.


Field Marshall Gabriel Dumont

We’ve created a link – showing how Big Pharma’s Johnson & Johnson’s executives  outright lied in a full page ad they published the other day in the Victoria Times Colonist – the Executives who published the ad said that their competition’s cheaper drug was dangerous – It wasn’t. The executives lied and bilked customers into paying more for the same product. The executives threw in at least one other lie as well. The fraudulent  executives should go to jail and society should throw the keys into a cesspool.

U.S. President Donald Trump lies like a cheap rug. He’s the President of the United States of America.  The St. Petersburg Times’s Pulitzer Prize winning Politifact series published 12 pages of President Trump’s lies – each page containing about 15 lies.

The Ten Commandments should be amended. The Commandments only  rail against lying that hurts one’s next-door-neighbour – they don’t rail against lying generally.

If Donald Trump wishes you a “Good Day” – look out the window to see it’s not raining a nuclear attack. it’s almost assumed that politicians and businesses are lying. economies and countries depend on trust – without trust we’d be back in the dark ages – or the Middle East.

Liars don’t pay nearly enough for lying. We say punish liars and punish them plenty. If a politician or a business executive lies – in the words of President Trump; “Lock ‘em up!!!” And throw the keys away!!


Chief Crowfoot

Federal Liberal propaganda doctors concocted a press release last week pretending that the Liberals are protecting Victoria and Vancouver and the Salish Sea and their inhabitants from a TransMountain bitumen spill. Read between the lines. The Liberals have cut the Canada Coast Guard out of the picture. Western Canada Marine Response Corporation – an  outfit owned and operated by the oil companies themselves – good capitalists all WCMRC will spend more time saving money for their owners than really worrying about really cleaning up a real oil spill. Hopefully the Trudeau’s TransMountain Pipeline boondoggle will die a natural death.

Meantime – to really sell Western Oil – the answer is an energy corridor from Fort McMurray to the open Pacific near Prince Rupert. B.C. natives themselves are proposing exactly that – The Eagle Spirit Pipeline. We’d hope they may actually refine bitumen at Fort McMurray and ship product through the Eagle Spirit Pipeline to be marketed throughout the Pacific.