Trump says he’s about to be arrested. He tries to ignite another January 6th riot


America’s Wanna’Be Hitler and his Storm Troopers 👉Trump says he expects to be arrested in hush-money case, stokes unrest on social media | PBS NewsHour …… Trump’s four biggest legal problems👉Donald Trump: His four biggest legal problems – BBC News👉What happens next if Trump is arrested on Tuesday? – BBC News,,,,,, If Trump is arrested Judge may refuse him  bail!!!!!


The upside of Canadian banks – They don’t go bankrupt!!!! Three Yuppinomical/Funny Money U.S. banks goe belly-up👉Silicon Valley Bank’s failure shakes companies worldwide, from wine country to London | PBS NewsHour👉March 2023 United States bank failures – Wikipedia …… YuppyBank woes shoot down the price of oil👉Oil prices plunge, Canadian energy stocks take beating as global banking fears spread – Vancouver Is Awesome …… Saudis stop backing Credit Suisse👉Credit Suisse – Wikipedia

Lord Strathcona – he built the CPR – JUST RELEASED Government Study!!!! 👉READ THE DETAILS: An Island Railway would remove the cost of 10,000 to 26,000 truckloads of freight off our highways👉 SEE RAIL COSTS 1/3  OF  TRUCK TRANSPORT

      • FROM THE ANALS OF GEORGE ORWELL: Trump attacks Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch for telling the truth 👉READ Afraid of losing profits, Murdoch directed  Fox News to outright lie about the 2020 Election

      • Victoria opens warming centres for homeless left over from the Days of Horgan👉READ ABOUT THEM

      • Rail or no rail, Vancouver Islanders have no bus service !!!!!👉READ

      • Will Justin Trudeau ever get over Pierre Trudeau’s crush on China?👉JUSTIN DEFENDS PROCHINA LIBERAL but LIBERALS BAN TIKTOK FROM GOVERNMENT PHONES

      • Doctors’ Union wants to protect doctors’ turf more than it wants to give B.C. good health care 👉 READ WHAT A SENIOR HEALTH BUREAUCRAT – KEN FYKE – SAYS IN THE TIMES COLONIST’S “E EDITION” –  IF YOU CAN DECIPHER IT

      • Roxham Road: The little country road that became a big political headache for the Trudeau government👉HERE’S THE SCOOP ON ROXHAM ROAD

      • In two years Royal B.C. Museum cost shoots up 52% to $270 Million👉READ LES LEYNE’S REPORT and👉READ MORE DETAILS

      • B.C, Appeal Court rules Beacon Hill Park homeless camping illegal👉READ

      • Every Canadian has a fundamental right to a decent home ….. READ HOW GOVERNMENTS ALL OVER CANADA ARE ABUSING THE HOMELESS 

      • The B.C. Legislature muddles 👉 LES LEYNE SAYS PREMIER EBY’S 100 DAYS ARE STANDING STILL – READ

      • For $30 Ontarians who pay $30 a month buy rapid access to a nurse practitioner 👉 READ THE DETAILS

      • Sorry Don Lemon, you’re a black media star … you can talk but you can’t express your opinions on CNN …. You’re sentenced to be politically reeducated, Chinese style 👉READ THE DETAILS

      • B.C. Doctors’ Union red-tapes not only Canadian doctors trained abroad but Canadian doctors from out-of-BC👉READ ABOUT WHOSE CAUSING B.C.’s DOCTORS’ SHORTAGE

      • Ukraine war: What support is China giving Russia?👉READ THE BBC REPORT

      • So far the Russian economy has survived Western sanctions. Can it last? 👉READ THE DETAILS … Some Russia experts expect Ukraine failure will cause antiPutin coup👉 READ ASSOIATED PRESS STORY

      • Guns slaughter in the U.S. streets while right-wing U.S. Supreme Court muddies the waters of U.S. gun control 👉READ

      • Should British Columbia change its name?👉READ JACK KNOX’S STORY

      • Trudeau and Ottawa didn’t need the Emergencies Act to quelch  the Convoy Nazis  👉  READ ABOUT HOW THEY BUNGLED AND WAFFLED 

      • Cutthroat Capitalism and Journalism don’t mix … How Rupert Murdock’s Fox News – only for profit and  deliberately – spread Trump’s election lies 👉 READBiden and the U.S. Congress should kick Murdoch out of America!!!!

      • B.C. Physician Assistants would give BC residents  150% of the health care they get today at 1/3rd the price BC pays for doctors – Alberta aNd Ontario does it  ,,, Why doesn’t B.C. do it????  👉READ ABOUT IT

      • B.C. Maritime Museum’s deal with Bateman Gallery falls through …. is the Maritime Museum blocked from occupying Steamship Terminal ….  Is the Royal B.C. Museum sabotaging the Maritime Museum?👉 READ ABOUT IT Chinese and Mexican fentanyl  has killed over one million Canadians and Americans!!!! SEE ALL ABOUT ITIt’s time to boycott all Chinese and Mexican imports until they stop!!!

      • The State of Oregon has a Nazi problem 👉 READ ABOUT IT

      • Green crabs invade B.C. waters, wrack destruction but they’re good to eat 👉 READ ABOUT THE LITTLE CRITTERS

      • Biden concedes three mysterious shot-down flying objects probably not spy balloons 👉READ MORE … Mounties and U.S. military stop looking the objects 👉 READ

      • The notorious National Parole Board lets dangerous murderer loose on Vancouver Island ….. READ ALL ABOUT IT

      • Feds hold in their hands the fate of the Vancouver Island Railway – have less than a month to decide – diddle  ….. READ ALL ABOUT IT

      • THIS JUST IN: Eby’s Tourist minister wants Third Floor of B.C. Museum reopened READ ALL ABOUT IT

      • The Doctors’ Union is blocking 13.000 (15% of) doctors from practicing in Canada READ ALL ABOUT IT

      • U.S. voter Ukraine support slips READ ALL ABOUT IT

      • NORAD shoots down third Chinese balloon?? over Canada  READ ALL ABOUT IT …… U.S. shoots down a fourth!!!!!! READ ABOUT IT

      • Mayor unzipped  and – in tory Toronto,  that’s a capital offense – quit!!!! READ ALL ABOUT IT

      • Lumber Jack John Horgan swears off politics READ ALL ABOUT IT

      • Right in the middle of Earthquake Country, are we ready for the BIG ONE READ ALL ABOUT IT

      • Is the City of Victoria about to blow $100 Million on a  swimming pool? READ ALL ABOUT IT ….. The Crystal Pool has five 50 metre lanes. Each lane should cost no more than $500,000. ….. Therefore the basic cost of the swimming pool is only no more than $2.5 million!!! Where did an extra $97.5 million go???!!! 

        The Royal B.C. Museum’s Third Floor – it undid Lumber Jack John Horgan – still exists!!! READ ALL ABOUT IT

      • To protect Quebec’s dairy industry, the Canada’s “Dairy Commission” OKed inlafating  the price of milk over 13 % in 2022, doubled the profit of Quebec’s massive milk merchant Saputo READ ALL ABOUT IT


      • DANGER!!!! Chinese bureaucracy blocks use of U.S./ China  “Red Phone” Hot Line!!!! READ ALL ABOUT IT

      • Vancouver developer demolishes landmark arbutus to build luxury condos in Langford READ ALL ABOUT IT


      • Victorians wait in walk-ins – longer than anyone else in Canada  except in North Vancouver !!!READ ALL ABOUT IT ….. Do British Columbians receive the worst  health care in Canada??

      • Jack Knox: Why a burger costs $21.50 READ ALL ABOUT IT

      • Nazi stormtroopers aim to destroy U.S. power grid READ ALL ABOUT IT


  • NIMBYVILLE, (Oak By) B.C. Early each morning, hundreds of barking, bawling, bellowing, yapping, screaming and yelling  sealions feast on herring, wake the DO NOT DISTURB snooty plutocrats!!!! READ ALL ABOUT IT

  • Only 37% of U.S. Democrats  and 13% of Americans think Biden should run again ……   they say he’s too old  … many worry about  “his coughing, his gait, his gaffes”READ ALL ABOUT IT


  • U.S. shoots down a balloon which has a special interest in U.S. Air Force. Its a “wind-blown, innocent weather balloon” protests China. “Baloney” says the home of the brave and the land of the free.  READ ALL ABOUT IT,,,,,Why would China uses  spy balloon when it has satellites?READ ALL ABOUT IT …… Is this Chinese upside/down diplomacy or another Chinese boo-boo?READ ABOUT IT

  • Upside/Down Chinese Diplomacy or another Chinese Boo-Boo?

    The European Union faces crude oil shipping and insurance companies to keep Russian oil down to $60 per barrel with great success READ ALL ABOUT IT


  • Sanctions against Russian bigshots – is Trudeau  dragging his feet? NDP say Liberals staging “political theatre!!!READ ALL ABOUT IT

  • Eby  decrees that half of B.C. government workers can work at home  BUT Victoria’s downtown businesses lose customers  READ ALL ABOUT IT

  • Offshore pulp mill companies desert Port Alice, leave unpaid debts, $50 Million environmental mess. Port Alice’s population halves. B.C. taxpayers bail Port Alice out … clean up ocean … gradually the village is regrowingREAD ALL ABOUT IT

  • NDP drag Liberals to make rules for old folks homesREAD ALL ABOUT IT

  • Before easier drug laws, police acted as judge and jury to decide whether to charge small time drug offenders …… No longer!!!!READ ALL ABOUT IT

Nazis planning anniversary Ottawa convoy rally ,,,. READ ALL ABOUT IT

Wannabe Dictator Backs Off: Alberta’s ToryPremier Smith tries to set-up behind-closed -doors- government!!!! – Albertans rebel – Democracy prevails




Canada Disgusted with Bullying Alberta Nazis – 100day+ Detox Waiting Lines – Crabs have Feelings – B.C. Chinese Speakers Outnumber French Speakers

Alberta Nazi Thugs Harass Canada’s Tiny Deputy Leader Chrystia Freeland – Albertans and Canadians of All Parties and Stripes Stand Up Support Freeland
Some Addicts Wait 100+ Days for Detox
Dungeness Crabs, Oysters have Feelings claim experts
More B.C.ers speak Mandarin than speak French

Cruise Ship Blues

Sailing into a Victoria Sunset!!!

Before COVID-19 struck, every cruise ship that lumbered into Victoria Harbour paid to Victoria’s Greater Victoria Harbour Authority – directly – a hefty fee – that’s where the Authority got  70% of its revenues. COVID shut down cruise-ships and the Authority is insolvent  and desperately attempting  to persuade the U.S. Government to force U.S.-based cruise ships to dock at Victoria after COVID is over. The Authority is  whistling in the wind says Paul Servos, a former manager and CEO of the Authority … in an op/ed that, amazingly, the Victoria Times Colonist published earlier this month. The Times Colonist later published a raft of letters to the editor against the cruise-ship industry and not one letter supporting it.

The Harbour Authority

Servos painted a realistic picture of the Authority’s love affair with the cruise-ship industry. He pointed out that the industry – as far as Victoria is concerned is  built upon a house of cards that’s bound to collapse.

Servos didn’t say whether or not the ships ever contributed much — if anything — to Victoria’s economy.

The cruise ship industry has always claimed they brought tremendous benefits to Victoria, but their boosters and Victoria’s movers and shakers have never bothered to question their claims. The Authority’s mini-empire did get paid from every cruise ship that docked in Victoria and the Authority spent the fees like a drunken sailor.

The Good Old Days at the Harbour Authority
Classic 1875 Victoria Architecture
Victoria Architecture Developmentally Uglified

Now it’s time to face the fact that tourism is Victoria’s life blood and it’s time to do something for it. Tourists come here to savour Victoria’s harbour and heritage buildings (not to gape at the ugly skyscrapers city planners insist on foisting on us). If the planners and their buddies, real estate developers and speculators, have their way they’ll turn Victoria into a two-bit copy of Chicago. It’s time to stop lobbying the U.S. government and starting to clean up Victoria and her heritage.

What we need is not s committee of movers and shakers bowing and scraping to planners, developer/speculators and cruise-ship companies but a first-class leader who can step out of the box and inspire and rebuild historical heritage and inspire Victorians – the way Mayor Peter Pollen did in the 70s and 80s.



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  • Annals of Canadian Disfunction: Trudeau appoints a Governor General who can’t speak French … Read MORE … CBC published this story as their lead story mid-day on July 19 … quickly buried it The Governor General is Canada’s so-called “Chief of State” … they should be elected democratically!!!
  • Unintended Trumpzi Warrior

    Trumpzi January 6 rioter pleads he got carried away … Judge feels for him – sentences him to jail for eight months … Read MORE

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    The Shawinigan Handshake

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    Uglification in Cook Street Village

  • The history of vaccination … READ
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    • Alberta’s fat, dumpy little premier doesn’t look much like a cowboy and lacks horse sense but Jason Kenney wears a big white Stetson to the Calgary Stampede … prohibits vaccination passports … Read MORE
  • A dangerous, out-of-contol antimask nut from Ontario pleads guilty to harassment and threat-mongering but a Calgary lower court judge allows him  a few days to move to Calgary before sentencing him … Read MORE … who ever appointed the judge must have made certain he was totally free of common sense
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Headed for the Huooshkow?

New York District Attorney charges Trump’s family company and his “blind” trustee/accounting boss with multiple tax frauds … Read MORE  and MORE

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    • Victoria may move its central library – it needs more space … Read MORE ,,,  Why not have the B.C. government open up its space in the same building?


Bob Edwards, Editor

Dear Reader:
I’ll not be publishing the Eye-Opener for the next while (as long as it takes to go back to Calgary, go on a tremendous bender with all my old pals – head back to Victoria – dry out at the Glenshiel Hotel where I’ve stayed since 1905 –  rejig the Eye-opener – it’ll run on Facebook and WordPress from now on. And you’ll be able to put your words up in our Letters to the Editor).
I’ve been getting an average of 100 hits a day – not enough to keep me in the way in which I’m accustomed. But The Eye-Opener will return.
I was born in 1860 – I’m no spring chicken but – on my return – I hope to get “circulation” up to 30,000 – what it used to be in the good old days.

Bob Edwards … Editor, The Eye-Opener

Eye Opener Editor Bob Edwards.jpg


Oak Bay Retiree – Lord Strathcona – He built the CPR – a Kapitalist’s Kapiitalist – one-time MP

The other day the Old Timer from Pincher Creek asked me how I’d clean up election debates.

He asked the right guy. I was a member of the Canadian House of Commons and fought many an election battle – and often ignored the Marquis of Queensbury Rules.

Americans don’t force their presidential candidates to debate. Presidential candidates never did debate until the Kennedy/Nixon debates of 1960. Before 1960 an American law made all Presidential  Debates illegal unless each and every candidate for president could attend – in 2020 1,222 candidates are running for president. The U.S. got rid of that law in 1960.

Most presidential candidates attend debates only because the U.S. public demands it. Most candidates try to avoid presidential debates because one slip of a candidates or his memory can lose he or she the election. Examples:

Nixon’s Five o’clock shadow

Here’s how Ronald Regan knocked out Fritz Mondale in 1984. Nixon’s five o’clock shadow lost him the 1960 election.


Mulroney k.o.’s Turner

Here’s Brian Mulroney knocking out Prime Minister John Turner in 1984.

U.S. laws should force candidates to debate – under Robert’s Rules of Order and additions of Roberts and The Chief Justice of the United States should chair the debates. Candidates would stop interrupting, failing to stick to the point, lying.

Canadians should force Canadian party leaders and provincial leaders to appear in election debates before the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada and the top court of each province.

And judges should chair our parliament and the provincial legislatures for the same reasons they should chair election debates. 

See U.S. Presidentail Debates – Wikipedia:

Old Pro Lawrie McFarlane: Canadian Leaders’ Debates beat the U.S. ones


Even if Joseph Biden beats Donald Trump in the November 3 Election – there’s every indication Biden will – even then –  will Trump  give up the White House? NO! NO! NO! Taking the White House away from Trump is taking a bone away from a mad dog.

The demons of MEMEMEism and Don’t-Give-a-Damn invaded Trump’s mind many years ago. It’s impossible for Trump to give up something that belongs to him – in his sick mind – the White House belongs to him. He’ll try to keep it – by hook and by crook – he’s a psychopath – a crook. The Democrats and the U.S. Judiciary and the Republicans better have plans in place!!!



Scientific American: Eight Common Narcissist Lies – see

Famous narcissists –

Hitler was a narcissist -

The U.S.’s Most narcissistic presidents –

Trump – Sociopath? – The Atlantic/2016 –

Villains of History -


Last July 74% of the citizens of B.C. wanted their government to force their peoples to wear masks. Fifty years ago – if “The Authorities” – social or political – told B.C. citizens that face masks could stop COVID-19 from spreading – the whole province would put them on. In those days Society banned free thinkers  on health  and slammed they and those who stunk of body odour (“B.O.”)  and halitosis into Coventry.

Donald Trump has hit upon not wearing a mask as the greatest rallying cry for evil since Hitler found the swastika. Refusing to wear a mask has spread North.

Unless Government makes it plenty uncomfortable not to wear a mask and arrests resistors and puts them in jail,  jackasses won’t wear masks. So governments must force – and force plenty hard – dimwits to wear masks..




Incompetent in all things

Polls report that more Americans believe that Donald (Pinocchio) Trump – because he is a “businessman” -can handle the U.S. Economy better than can Joe Biden. Many media folk believe that, therefore, U.S. Republicans will try to fight the Presidential Election Campaign on the Economy and Democrats on Trump’s mismanagement of the Coronavirus. Master politician Lyndon B. Johnson used to say that the trouble with liberals was that they had no guts. If liberals (liberals dominate the Democratic Party) can’t fight the election on the Economy issue, then Johnson should have added that neither do liberals have brains nor eyes nor ears nor noses.

On his record, Donald Trump couldn’t manage a lemon-aide stand. Trump is a spoiled little rich boy whose grandfather Frederich successfully pimped in the Yukon 120 years ago. Donald Trump’s father was a smart, tough, mean home builder who found himself in the world’s most dynamic city during World War II and afterwards. He and his partner mother knew real estate management and development. That’s all Fred knew. He certainly did not know how to pick a successor – he picked his son Donald to succeed him. Fred – himself – always ran his business well and left an estate of close to Two Billion 20020 dollars.

After Fred became senile, Donald ended up running the company and ran it into the ground. With his daddy’s money, Donald bought into all sorts of silly corporate adventures – from gambling casinos to airlines to hotels and resorts. None of them succeeded – he bankrupted them all. In two words – Donald  was no businessman.  He went through six bankruptcies. American banks stopped loaning him money. The reason Donald Trump won’t release his tax returns is almost certainly because the returns will show that he blew the whole Trump fortune. (By the way, Donald Trump does not own present day “Trump” hotels and resorts – real businessmen own them – they only pay to use the Trump name.)

“Oh,” Donald Trump will say: “Look how well my economy was doing before the Coronavirus struck.” The truth is that – in 2008 – Trump’s predecessor, Obama, and the liberals’ present candidate for the Presidency – Joe Biden – inherited a U.S. economy bankrupted by the Republican Party. Obama (and Joe Biden) brought the U.S. Economy  back and made it prosper and grow – Trump merely coasted on the Obama Economy – even though – under Trump –  it didn’t grow like Obama’s had. And Trump’s handling of the Coronavirus further proves his inveterate incompetence.

Even Trump’s sister Maryanne (she used to write Donald’s High School exams for him) declared (on tape) that Donald was a complete washout and shouldn’t be President of the United States.

If the Democratic Party hasn’t the guts and brains to show Trump up as a business incompetent, there shouldn’t be a Democratic Party. And there won’t be a Democratic Party if Trump wins the November Election.

READ about Trump’s niece Mary’s book – Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man – about her incompetent, boorish uncle BY CLICKING HERE: (You can buy the book through the Eye Opener – see Ad at right) … AND …  READ Donald Trump’s Wikipedia biography:


John Ware – Alberta Rancher from Texas

The Korrectness Kops

Ordinary Yankees are tired of snooty Political Correctness Commissars and their Korrectness Kops. “Guys” and “Gals” – words banned by the Kops – have bitten their tongues raw. The Kops will have none of “Easter eggs” – the eggs are now to be called “spring spheres”. The Kops have banned Santa’s “Ho, Ho, Ho” – it’ll offend “sex workers”. They’ve sent “fishermen” to the ocean depths. They’ve banned all history books using the terms “BC” (Before Christ) and “AD” (Anno Domini) – and they’ll burn at the stake any professor using either term – the prof can use only   ‘Before Common Era’ / ‘After Common Era’. The Kops have banned Common Sense. Many hard-working Americans far from snooty American Universities – revolted  – voted for a Nazi – Donald Trump – in 2016. They’re liable to do it again.

See  more examples of Korrectness-Kopisms at

“Losers and Suckers” and Winston Churchill versus Trump

The Greatest Generation

Winston Churchill

“President” Trump

In 2017 “President” Trump refused to visit America’s war dead at a military cemetery in France – it was raining – he said  – the rain would ruin his hairdo  – anyway – the dead soldiers – who ordinary folks call “the Greatest Generation” – were nothing but “losers and suckers” – those losers and suckers said  Winston Churchill   – “will stand forth as  the most unselfish and unsordid act in human history”. They saved the world from the likes of Trump.

America was – in my day – “the last best hope of humanity”. Those dead soldiers proved it. I think it still is but America must rid itself of this horrible “guttersnipe” as Churchill would have called him. I pray they will. Or America will sink into what Churchill called “the abyss of a new Dark Age made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted, by the lights of perverted science”

Trump comes to it honestly – his grandfather was a draft-dodger – so was his father – so was he – his father hired a crooked doctor. The doctor concocted the tale that bone-spurs had invaded Trumps feet  and exempted Trump him from the military draft – from having to serve – give up his life if necessary – for his country – “the last best hope of humanity”.

The Old Timer from Pincher Creek

The soldiers stood for America the Beautiful. Trump stands for for America the Ugly. Pray folks. The Good Guys have got to win.