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        • Canada’s COVID Count … B.C.’s November 19/20 COVID Restrictions
        • He’s about to get a spanking

          Spoiled kids finally put spine in B.C. Premier Horgan’s weak COVID fight – because of hospital crisis, he cracks down on fun travel – if he finds you outside of your home-health-district, he’ll fine you  – he’ll stop RV ferry travel –  you must stay in your own health district or he’ll fine you (the cops are out looking for you!!!) – hotels and motels won’t rent to outside fun seekers … READ MOREREAD LES LEYNE … How about putting these spoiled brats in jail?

        • Eye-Opener Editor Bob Edwards

          • Trudeau Liberals bring in Federal Budget – aims at $10 per day child care by 2025 … (don’t the Provinces have to agree? – will the Liberals ever do it?!!!) … (the budget doesn’t mention free pharmacare!!!) SEE MORE … raises 3.55 billion – goes light on FatCat taxes – taxes the internet, tiny-taxes conspicuous consumption toys, limply aims at foreign-owned empty houses, “cracks down” on abuse and tax collection, tut-tuts about foreign tax shelters … SEE MORE
        • ICBC caught with their fingers in the cookie jar – B.C. government put them up to it … READ MORE
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        • B.C. campsite

          B.C. will pump $83 million into its parks … SEE MOREREAD LES LEYNE

B.C. will loan $2 billion to  middle-income housing builders … SEE MORE



Oak Bay Retiree – Lord Strathcona – He built the CPR – a Kapitalist’s Kapiitalist – one-time MP

The other day the Old Timer from Pincher Creek asked me how I’d clean up election debates.

He asked the right guy. I was a member of the Canadian House of Commons and fought many an election battle – and often ignored the Marquis of Queensbury Rules.

Americans don’t force their presidential candidates to debate. Presidential candidates never did debate until the Kennedy/Nixon debates of 1960. Before 1960 an American law made all Presidential  Debates illegal unless each and every candidate for president could attend – in 2020 1,222 candidates are running for president. The U.S. got rid of that law in 1960.

Most presidential candidates attend debates only because the U.S. public demands it. Most candidates try to avoid presidential debates because one slip of a candidates or his memory can lose he or she the election. Examples:

Nixon’s Five o’clock shadow

Here’s how Ronald Regan knocked out Fritz Mondale in 1984. Nixon’s five o’clock shadow lost him the 1960 election.


Mulroney k.o.’s Turner

Here’s Brian Mulroney knocking out Prime Minister John Turner in 1984.

U.S. laws should force candidates to debate – under Robert’s Rules of Order and additions of Roberts and The Chief Justice of the United States should chair the debates. Candidates would stop interrupting, failing to stick to the point, lying.

Canadians should force Canadian party leaders and provincial leaders to appear in election debates before the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada and the top court of each province.

And judges should chair our parliament and the provincial legislatures for the same reasons they should chair election debates. 

See U.S. Presidentail Debates – Wikipedia:

Old Pro Lawrie McFarlane: Canadian Leaders’ Debates beat the U.S. ones


Even if Joseph Biden beats Donald Trump in the November 3 Election – there’s every indication Biden will – even then –  will Trump  give up the White House? NO! NO! NO! Taking the White House away from Trump is taking a bone away from a mad dog.

The demons of MEMEMEism and Don’t-Give-a-Damn invaded Trump’s mind many years ago. It’s impossible for Trump to give up something that belongs to him – in his sick mind – the White House belongs to him. He’ll try to keep it – by hook and by crook – he’s a psychopath – a crook. The Democrats and the U.S. Judiciary and the Republicans better have plans in place!!!



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