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The North West Tanker Ban – Justin stumble-bums Canada into another la-la land – Senate can/must veto him

Lord Strathcona

Lord Strathcona

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Tanker port potential on the Pacific

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants to ban the export of crude oil from our Northwestern coast. That makes absolutely zero sense.If Mr. Beyond Reason wants to ban the export of crude oil he should ban export from all Canadian ports. But his Bill C48 would ban export from only Pacific ports north of Vancouver Island. Continue reading

Poll places Mayor Helps (Big Sister) distant second in October election

Lady Lou

Lady Lou

Dangerous  bike lanes, meetings stacked with paid shills, politburo-like decision making, lowered speed limits, sheepy council meetings may have done Mayor Lisa Helps in according to a poll of Victoria Voters in advance of next month’s election. Stephen (Mad as Hell) Hammond got 268 votes … Lisa Helps only 101. Continue reading

NDP stacks voting referendum

bob_head_flipPoliticians didn’t used to be shy about stacking meetings and elections. Today a politician must pretend to be a boy scout (or girl guide) – exposing oneself as incorrect is incorrect – nevertheless columnist Les Leyne describes (link to Leyne’s story) how the sainted NDP is stacking B.C.’s “proportional representation” referendum so the good guys win and black-hatted capitalists never again monopolize political power.

“Affordable housing” used to  mean housing that didn’t stress out over half the population. Continue reading