Homeless wanted a place to sleep — Victoria Establishment dawdled — the homeless built Tent City — Establishment acted


The Lady That’s Known as Lou

The streets of Hell are paved with good intentions — God helps those who help themselves.  Says Les Leyne in the Victoria Times Colonist: “One thing the campers at Victoria’s tent city have accomplished is a sharp increase in the

Constable Action


number of shelter beds made available for the homeless .. ” The Victoria Establishment do-gooded aplenty but gained nothing. The people themselves helped themselves and won places to sleep in.
Even the B.C. tory government’s Constable Action, Rich Coleman, has accomplished nothing. (Action’s dynamic career has included: Joining the RCMP as a constable and leaving as a constable; failing to make B.C. the Continue reading

B.C. tories launch 2017 election with hagiography, fingering of social media and male socialists

Bob Edwards

 Stalin, Mao, Roosevelt and W.A.C. Bennett loved giant hydro dams. Politicians and bureaucrats — not given to pesky details — can actually see a hydro dam — can’t see concepts like guaranteed annual income and income inequality. Though stilling surging water just doesn’t have sex appeal these days, B.C.’s petit-tory Premier Gordon Campbell loved the “Site C” Dam project along the Peace River Continue reading

Tax Accountants whoop it up with Federal Revenoors – behind closed doors

The Printer's Devil

The Printer’s Devil 

Jon Lee Anderson, The New Yorker

June 17, 2016 – The CBC reveals that: “Deals Canada signed to catch tax cheats allow billions in taxes to escape”

May 19, 2016 – Canada’s tax accountants lobbied high Federal tax auditors at a green eyeshade whoop-up at Ottawa’s Rideau Club some time ago. Might have been exciting but both refused to fess up with the details. Continue reading

Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps — Is she all cackle and fury — or a leader?


Bob Edwards

May 3, 2016 – A trendy pot-head named Ashley Abraham wants to charge

The Madame of Bong and “Big Jim” in “The Green Ceiling”

other pot-heads $5.00 an hour to bong it up in The Green Ceiling,  once a tile shop, on Victoria’s Quadra Street.  Abraham calls The Green Ceiling a “cannabis consumption lounge”. Pot is illegal under the Narcotics Control Act of Canada. Under Canada’s criminal law, Ashley is an accomplice to an illegal act. Continue reading

Is it time to stop sucking up to Saudi Arabia?



Where does the U.S. import its oil from? 2000-2015? Canada was #1!!!

UPDATE – June 9, 2016 – A Toronto Star Editorial reports Saudis have lobbied themselves off War Crime Black List – Demands they be put back onA Saudi-led coalition in Yemen has killed hundreds of children. So why has the UN removed it from its annual blacklist of bad actors?

UPDATE — May 12, 2016 — former U.S. Navy Secretary John Lehman, a member of the 2004 9/11 Commission, turns whistle-blower, tells The Guardian  that the Commission knew there was broad Saudi support of the 9/11 terrorists and that many Commission members wanted to blow the whistle on the Saudis but the U.S. Establishment had held them back. Continue reading

Russians steal Trump files from Democrats

June 15, 2016 – KGB and Russian Military steal Democrats’ Trump files – PBS – this is actually not unusual for Russia. They have a very aggressive competition between their intelligence agencies. They’re always trying to one-up one another, to look better in front of Putin, to get more budget, more power. Continue reading