The What, When, Where, Who, Why and How of The Calgary Eye Opener

The Calgary Eye Opener doesn’t know anything for certain and is deeply suspicious — indeed fearful — of anyone who claims they do — Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, David Suzuki, Stephen Harper and the Pope come to mind. We don’t know, for certain, whether  any historical, scientific, religious or financial claim is fact or bunk; we don’t know, for certain, what really drives any political party or any theory of education; we don’t know, for certain, whether any health care system, drug, sport, country, political party or method of committing sin does good or evil or even if good and evil exist in anything but human superstition. All we will  report is what we with our eyes have seen or what we’ve been told.  We will  report what we suspect if we suspect in a spirit of inquiry and even-handedness. Among other things we’ll talk about CanadaThe United States History Education and Training Drugs Islam Sport   Energy, Mining and Environment 

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