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Lawyer Paddy Nolan

Drunk driving penalties are  not tough enough, writes Cathy Arscott of Argus, Ontario. I (yer man Paddy Nolan) am an Irish booze artist who never learned to drive but I am an experienced lawyer and I agree. I say that there’d be no drunk driving if the Parliament of Canada gave every drunk driver a fair quick trial and thew every convicted one in jail for two years minimum. And if Canadian judges were doing their job – that’d be the case. Judges administer the law like waitresses pour tea in Victoria’s Empress Hotel. If the judges want to be nice guys and nice girls – they should trade in their +/- $300,000 per year jobs for minimum wages at the Empress. But – of course – politicians should be working at the Empress too – as smiley faced bus boys and bus girls. Convicted drunk drivers have killed or tried tried to kill human beings. 

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