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  • A lousy businessman outed!!!

    The New York Times outs the truth about Trump – Went over Trump’s tax returns – Some Billionaire!!! – Without Daddy Fred Trump he’d be “selling watches on the streets of New York” – He paid $750 tax last year – none in ten years before

Horgan – An ear to wet-behind-their-ears advisors

B.C. Premier (“It’s Getting Elected Stupid”) Horgan listens to pointy-headed advisors – calls snap October 24 election Did this Political Science Prof book-learn  Horgan’s wet-behind-the ears NDP advisors? Says he:  “politics in a minority government situation is about getting a majority”. Weathered, long-standing, highly respected political correspondent Les Leyne calls Horgan a “double-double-crosser”! Leyne points out that Horgan is legally bound and has agreed with the B.C. Greens not to hold an election until October 24, 2021 – Leyne feels Horgan is phonier than former premier WACKY Bennett and his 1950s anti-socialist campaigns.

    1. 1.Fever
    2. 2.Chills
    3. 3.Cough
    4. 4.Shortness of breath
    5. 5.Loss of sense of smell or taste
    6. 6.Diarrhea
    7. 7.Nausea or Vomiting 

Doctors – You’re dangerously  making fools of yourselves – by not singing from the same songbook.

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