• Victoria starved for doctors … B.C. NDP builds B.C.’s biggest government-run-health-care-clinic in downtown Victoria staffed with doctors … dysfunctional Doctors’ Union complains about clinic competing with doctors … Read MORE
  • “It’s all about the money” – Olympic bosses recklessly open the Tokyo Olympics in face of COIVID … Read MORE
  • Wildfires surge … B.C. NDP finally declares a “State Of Emergency” … Read MORE … Former B.C. cabinet minister George Abbott explains “States of Emergency” … LISTEN … to join the battle, firefighters stream in … Trudeau sends in the airforce and the army … Read MORE
  • B.C. NDP finances search for First Nation Residential School and Segreated Hospital  graves … Read MORE
  • Canadians want all visitors to prove they’ve been fully vaccinated  … Read MORE
  • U.S. orders border with Canada to stay closed until August 21 … Read MORE
  • Trudeau Liberals let fully vaccinated Americans cross Canadian border: rest of the planet … other fully vaccinated foreigners starting September 7 … Read MORE 
  • The Korrectness Kops hot on the trail of B.C.’s 150th year in Canada

    B.C. has stayed in Canada for 150 years … The Korrectness Kops step in  … Read MORE

  • Annals of Canadian Disfunction: Trudeau appoints a Governor General who can’t speak French … Read MORE … CBC published this story as their lead story mid-day on July 19 … quickly buried it The Governor General is Canada’s so-called “Chief of State” … they should be elected democratically!!!
  • Unintended Trumpzi Warrior

    Trumpzi January 6 rioter pleads he got carried away … Judge feels for him – sentences him to jail for eight months … Read MORE

  • U.S. drags herself out of Afghanistan – the “Graveyard of Empires” … Read  … and … the history of Afghanistan

    The Shawinigan Handshake

  • Victoria Times Colonist describes how cutting trees helps a West Vancouver Island First Nation … Read MORE
  • If mobs harass celebrities, celebrities should try Jean Chretien’s “Shawinigan Handshake” … Read MORE  
  • Three vaccinated Texas Democrats catch COVID!!! … Read MORE
  • Pro-Communist Cubans demonstrate for government … Read MORE
  • John Horgan – Guts Needed

    Island Health boss says it’s a must to make health employess vaccinate … but that takes guts … B.C.’s Premier Horgan won’t force vaccinations on hospital workers or even test them for COVID … Read MORE

  • Victoria City Council moves forward uglification of Cook Street Village with Vancouver Developer’s non-affordable condos … Read MORE … and … Vancouver Developer demolishing 1861 harbour-side Gold Rush warehouses … Read MORE

    Uglification in Cook Street Village

  • The history of vaccination … READ
  • Cruise ships may return to Victoria … Read MORE … if the U.S. Congress forces Alaska cruises to stop in Canada … if cruise lines survive COVID!!!
  • Victoria City planners labour  to push through a Toronto developer’s Chicago North skyscraper plan … Read MORE
  • Canadian Forces charge Canada’s former military boss with “obstructing justice” … Read MORE
  • Ontario’s right-wing premier prohibits vaccine passports … Read MORE
  • First Nation Korrectnees Kops kick Victoria’s City Councillor Ben Issit off executive position in regional government … Read MORE
  • Cruise Line won’t board passengers without vaccination passports … Florida’s fanatic right-wing governor passes law to force cruise ships to take passengers without passports … cruise ship company sues Florida … Read MORE
  • Canada, B.C. and the City of Victoria and – of course – greedy developers have allowed affordable housing to go to hell in a hand-basket … Read MORE
  • All Cuba erupts with most powerful demonstrations ever … Read MORE
  • Crane collapses in Kelowna B.C.  kills “multiple” workers … Read MORE … this tragedy took place in Kelowna in the Western Provinces on July 12 – not in Toronto –  and the CBC – therefore – didn’t report it as its lead story
  • French President kicks all unvaccinated Frenchmen out of cafes … vaccinations soar ,,, Read MORE
  • First Nation finds 160 graves hidden near a Catholic residential school in B.C.’s Gulf Islands … Read MORE
  • Trudeau pours big bucks into tourism … Read MORE
  • Private detectives can follow me but – a “human rights lawyer” claims that they can’t follow the Chief Justice of Manitoba … Read MORE … Is the job of “human rights lawyers” to make Canada safe for judicial feudalism?
  • Kenney – All Hat … No Horse Sense

    • Alberta’s fat, dumpy little premier doesn’t look much like a cowboy and lacks horse sense but Jason Kenney wears a big white Stetson to the Calgary Stampede … prohibits vaccination passports … Read MORE
  • A dangerous, out-of-contol antimask nut from Ontario pleads guilty to harassment and threat-mongering but a Calgary lower court judge allows him  a few days to move to Calgary before sentencing him … Read MORE … who ever appointed the judge must have made certain he was totally free of common sense
  • Canada’s Finance Minister signs on to a global minimum tax … Read MORE … which will put big-shot tax haven cheaters like the Irvings’ – the kings of New Brunswick – out of business
  • Chickens come home to roost for Langford B.C.’s anti-Regulation City Council … they’re sued by an empty building owner for negligence … Read MORE
  • For years B.C. hasn’t found enough family doctors … Read MORE … the Doctors’ Union (AKA “The B.C. College of Physicians and Surgeons”) jealously guard all things medical in B.C. … they’ve struck out 
  • Trudeau Liberals dilly-dally …skyrocket Big Pharma drug prices up 1,400% … Read MORE
  • Lytton after the blaze

    Did CN or CP Rail spark the devastating Lytton fire? … Read MORE … and … MORE

  • No one knew – in 1940 -Winston Churchill feared Hitler would invade England … shipped  all the Bank of England’s gold and treasure across the North Atlantic to Canada – easier said than done but Britons and Canadians did it … and no one knew … Read MORE
  • Quebec moves swiftly to a vaccine passport … but – unbelievably – B.C. NDP is a passport denier!!! … Read MORE … and … MORE 
  • The Correctness Kops hot on the trail of the gypsy moth

    The Korrectness Kops liquidate the gypsy moth … Read MORE

  • Did Big Pharma use monkey business to certify Alzheimer’s drug? … Read MORE
  • Two Seattle Kops part of January 6 Trumpzi uprising … Read MORE
  • Former First Nation Federal Justice Chief calls Canadian Parliament “toxic”, quits … Read MORE
  • B.C. thaws COVID restriction in Old Folks Homes … Read MORE
  • NDP government makes B.C. the first province to bring in $10-a-day child care … Read MORE
  • Lawyer Paddy Nolan

    Langford B.C.’s RedNeck City Council wants to do away with architects … B.C. Court of Appeal gives Langford the thumbs down … Read MORE

  • No one here but us volunteers!!!

    The Vice President of a Victoria community association board doth protest that city planners and developers have not stacked community association boards with shills … Read MORE

  • Trudeau Liberals – beholden to Bay Street – allow Canadian railways to endanger Fraser Valley communities … First Nations may step in … Read MORE
  • Korrectness Kops liquidate 38-year CBC veteran Wendy Mesley … Read MORE
  • Biden cracks down on corporations that try to build monopolies using no-competition clauses and  single-source equipment repairs – and on airline passenger abuse … Read MORE
  • Ma! Ma! Who’s my Pa?

    No Virginia … Walt Disney did not create Mickey Mouse … Read MORE

  • Iceland shifts – without effort or cost – to a 35-hour week … Read MORE
  • Canada’s new Governor General – a fine change from the likes of Julie Payette and Vincent Massey

    Justin Trudeau appoints formidable Inuit leader Mary Simon Canada’s Governor General … Read MORE

    • The U.S. Declaration of Independence … LISTEN
    •  Chief Crowfoot

      “AntiColonialist” protesters dump Captain Cook into Victoria Harbour … Read MORE … dethrone Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth …  Read+ … burn Tofino Church … Read+ … RedNecks burn Malahat totem pole … Read+


    • Vancouver Island’s HEEHAW Heath did something very right – defied Doctors’ Union … brought in electonic health files … cut errors … saved lives … Read MORE
    • 70% of Canadian bosses will use “contract workers” to scab their workers’ rights … Read MORE
    • New York District Attorney claims Trump’s lead bean-counter and Trump’s company fraudulently hid payments to the bean-counter then deducted them to reduce tax … Read MORE … Will the bean-counter blow the whistle on Trump?
    • 29% of Canadians broke COVID Rules … Read MORE

Headed for the Huooshkow?

New York District Attorney charges Trump’s family company and his “blind” trustee/accounting boss with multiple tax frauds … Read MORE  and MORE

    • Temperature soars to 50°C (122°F) – consumes Lytton, B.C. (population 250) … Read MORE 
    • Kops charge him with peddling cocaine but Establishment Victoria Times Colonist WON’T NAME HIM … Read MORE  … Is Daddy a big shot?
    • Trudeau Liberals cave in to Big Pharma bribes and blackmail … Read MORE 
    • Condo board warned owners of danger before Florida building collapse … and the high cost of fixing it … Read MORE
    • Saskatoon Catholic Church promises to pay $25-million for residential school settlements – builds new $29-million cathedral … hires expensive mouth-pieces – now claims the $6-billion Catholic Church is broke … Read MORE
    • Trudeau’s “Climate Barbie” “retires” … Read MORE … Barbies Ottawa seat would fit former Bank of England/Canada chief Mark Carney perfectly … there’ll probably be a big fat judicial appointment in it for Barbie – lets hope it’s not to the Supreme Court of Canada
    • Biden is a Can-Doer not a pip-squeak mierda de toro merchant …  he pays back Iranian meddling quickly and surgically … Read MORE
    • 100+ Fahrenheit (40+ C) temperatures attack B.C. … Read MORE
    • U.S. right-wing antivaxers stop cruise ships from warning you’re on a ship with dangerous fools … Read MORE
    • Expert says building managers of collapsed condo tower “kicked the can down the road” before the disaster … Read MORE … Did town building inspector lie to residents??? … MORE
    • Maybe aliens are visiting us … maybe they aren’t, mugwumps U.S. government … Read MORE
    • Renegade B.C. natives burn two more Catholic churches … Read MORE
    • Native korrectness kops want to fire Federal minister of native affairs for criticizing native MP … Read MORE … Do native politicians want to be totally above criticism?
    • Geeks who designed Canadian military helicopter – forgot to warn helicopter crew of deadly autopilot – killed all six … Read MORE … Designers of aircraft controls must be pilots
    • Canada Goose quits using fur … Read MORE
    • U.S. will move collaborating Afghans to the U.S. … Read MORE
    • Victoria may move its central library – it needs more space … Read MORE ,,,  Why not have the B.C. government open up its space in the same building?

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