To make Freeland Prime Minister – Appoint Justin Trudeau Governor General

bob_head_flipIn 1588 as the Spanish Armada threatened, said the First Queen Elizabeth on the docks at Tilbury:

I know that I have the body but of a weak and feeble woman but I have the heart … of a king.”.

Chrystia Freeland – Elizabethian par excellence

In Chrystia Freeland’s eminently successful NAFTA negotiations – as Donald Trump threatened our economic existence – Chrystia Freeland proved that she is embued with Elizabethan qualities. Freeland has exhibited, a toughness, a preparedness, a coolness in the heat of battle.

The Silver-Spoon Boys

Justin Trudeau left NAFTA to Freeland – it was far beyond his understanding and attention span. Assisted only by his fellow silver spoon boy, Bill (Mortimer) Morneau,   Trudeau stumbled into Bill C-48 – the tanker ban that would block Canadian oil from the Pacific. Bill C-48 is one Senate vote away from being  law.There will be more C-48s under Trudeau and Morneau.

We suspect that Julie Payette‘s Governor Generalship may not continue long. As Governor General Trudeau would provide a perfect pretty face to represent Canada.

What better Prime Minister could we have than Chrystia Freeland?


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