LINKS TO VICTORIA, B.C. – Hospital pay-parking revolt – Victoria developers concentrate on the boring and the almighty buck – May election raises quality of education – Ripping off tourists in Niagara Falls – Old folks at the tender mercy of mainland Chinese

Christy Clark’s green eye-shaded bookkeepers force hospital visitors to pay hefty parking fees. To the Abbotsford wing of Christy’s “Liberal” government, there is a higher good than treating sick folks decently. It’s BALANCING THE BUDGET and bragging about it at election time. British Columbians are fed up. CLICK HERE to read Jack Knox’s story.
We hope that Victoria business will never stoop to killing the goose that lays the golden egg – tourism. More tourists visit Niagara Falls than any place on earth. Most Niagara Falls businesses extra-bill tourists  5% to 10% for a phony non-existent “Tourist Tax”. CBC Marketplace exposed the Niagara scam last week. Neither the Ontario nor the local Niagara government is stopping the racket.  CLICK HERE to see and read the Marketplace story.
A reader of The Victoria Times Colonist compares the Stalinist architecture of Victoria’s developers with what’s happening in Washington State. CLICK HERE to read Gene Krop’s letter . The Atlantic reports that gnomes in green eyeshades have infested the construction sector of Denver, Colorado with an attendant rash of Stalinist architecture. The epidemic spread to Victoria some time ago. The Calgary Eye Opener will sponsor The Stalin Prize for Alternative Architecture. Stalin showed the Americans and Canadians how to do it. We will only entertain entries from Greater Victoria.

Clover Point, Victoria, B.C.

Clover Point, Victoria, B.C.

Denver, Colorado


The Supreme Court of Canada has told Christy Clark she is in breach of B.C.’s contract with B.C.’s Teachers’ Union. The Court says Clark  must restore quality education to B.C. And it’s election time in B.C. and the “Liberals” have finally surrendered. CLICK HERE to read Richard Watts’s story

In only one week both the Federal and B.C. “Liberal” governments O.K.’d a Billion Dollar Mainland Chinese takeover of B.C. biggest senior care chain. CLICK HERE to read the Vancouver Sun’s story and CLICK HERE to read The Tyee’s detailed story of how a Chinese/Canadian treaty may stop the B.C. government from protecting seniors from the new Chinese owners.