Wildfire smoke blankets Canada and the U.S. !!!!👉‘I can taste the air’: Hazardous smoke from wildfires hangs over millions in Canada, US | AP News

B.C. Housing Crisis  needs Eby to spend  – !!!!!!MASSIVELY!!!!! – to build government housing BUT Eby only blames local governments for the Crisis – puts local governments on a “Naughty List”👉Revealed: All 47 municipalities on BC housing ‘naughty list’ – Victoria Times Colonist ….. One Victoria mayor wants  zero development for six months👉👉View Royal mayor calls for 6x-month pause on new development – Victoria Times Colonist

Chinese warship attacks Canadian and American taskforce in Taiwan Strait

Pic-A-Flic – owner of 25,000 feature movies will close in September!!!!👉Victoria’s Pic-A-Flic Video store closing after 40 years – Victoria Times Colonist …. but  fans petition for sale to public Library👉👉Pic-A-Flic fans hope to keep store’s vast collection intact – Victoria Times Colonist ……. SIGN A CHANGE.ORG PETTITON TO DEMAND VICTORIA PUBLIC LIBRARY BUY PIC-A-FLIC👉Petition · Victoria libraries, buy Pic-A-Flic’s collection ·

“Missing Middle Housing” is only a “fashion statement” …. it won’t solve Victoria’s or Canada’s shortage of a place to live!!!!👉The promise and pitfalls of upzoning and ‘missing middle’ housing policies – Victoria Times Colonist

Developers try to invade Victoria suburb – local government pays pro-development head-bureaucrat $300,000 to leave👉North Saanich CAO offered $300,000 to resign – Victoria Times Colonist

Doctors’ Unions have thrown up huge walls of bureaucracy to stop Canadians getting enough outside doctors👉All those obstacles hurting our health care – Victoria Times Colonist…… But B.C. Doctors’ Union agrees to let pharmacists prescribe minor drugs👉👉Pharmacists now prescribing medication for minor ailments – Victoria Times Colonist

Trudeau Liberals’ Bill C-18 will blackmail Facebook and Instagram into paying Canadian publishers for any news they publish👉‘Good riddance’ or ‘don’t unfriend us’? Canadian publishers torn over Meta move to block news |

“Untouchable” Indian immigrants lobby to make California “caste-free”👉What California’s Ravidassia community believes and why they want caste bias outlawed | CityNews Toronto

“Civil Liberty” Wokes force Victoria School Board to ditch school cops👉

With a heavy hand, China meddled in Canadian politics – blackmailed NDP firebrand Jenny Kwan ….. The NDP mugwumps defeat of TrudeauJr’s government?👉MP Kwan Chinese foreign interference claims| CityNews Vancouver👉👉David Johnston plans to stay on as special rapporteur after Commons votes for him to step aside | CBC News …… TrudeauJr.’s Public Safety boss claims he didn’t know nothin’ about nothin’👉Blair blames CSIS for not passing along MP threats memo | CTV News

Canada’s doctors have clumsily and lethally bunged up your health records👉Canada’s Broken Electronic Medical Records Model | The Tyee

In a taped meeting, Trump admits he stole documents fro the White House👉Reports: Prosecutors have tape of Trump discussing holding onto classified doc after leaving office | AP News

A second Quebec firm bribes TrudeauJr. government $10 million not to prosecute its bribery business!!!!!👉Quebec firm to pay $10M to avoid charges over bribes promised to Philippine officials – Bradford News (

If bureaucrats and politicians – in conflict of interest!!!! – insist that – despite what their citizens want – Victoria must be split into 13 parts – at least unify Victoria’s fire services👉Consolidating fire services debate heating up – Victoria Times Colonist

New York City issues Homeless Bill of Rights …. includes the right to be sheltered👉NYC enacts ‘Homeless Bill of Rights,’ but doubts arise over key provisions | PBS NewsHour

Does a leopard ever lose her spots for ever? – come election time Alberta’s tyranosaurus tory premier gave up eating red meat and won the election BUT 👉Albertans let Danielle Smith check her past baggage. Let’s see where she lands next | CBC News

Are condos a lousy investment? ….. over half of Toronto condo owners lose money on them!!!!👉More than half of GTA condo investors losing money on properties, says new report | CBC News

Heavy winds break her mast but the crew of  Terramoto set a new record  of 12 hours in Victoria’s famous Swiftsure sail race👉Records fall, masts break during fast Swiftsure 2023 race – Victoria Times ColonistPopular Swiftsure yacht race cancelled for second consecutive year - Vancouver Island Free Daily

Does Canada really have a labour shortage???👉StatCan report casts clouds on claims of a widespread labour shortage in Canada |

Many Vancouver Island families can’t afford to buy decent food👉Healthy food increasingly out of reach for Island’s poorest – Victoria Times Colonist

B.C. cancer victim waits four months for radiation👉Breast-cancer patient waited four months for radiation – Victoria Times Colonist

Canada needs a public inquiry into China interfering in our politics!!!!! And former Governor General Johnson- TrudeauJr’s “Rapporteur” – should have said so!!!!!👉Johnston ruled out foreign interference inquiry. Was it a mistake? | ……👉👉Chinese hackers targeted U.S. infrastructure, security agencies warn | CBC News

“Harm reductionists” give away “drug-snorting” equipment to Cowichan school kids👉Harm-reduction material ‘not appropriate’ for students – Victoria Times Colonist

Neither Eby nor “The Doctors of BC” can cope with Saanich’s  doctor-deserted  emergency rooms!!!!!👉Salt Spring doctors warn of staffing crisis – Victoria Times Colonist

Republican-Bully-Boy Ron DeSantis picks a fight with Mickey Mouse👉Ron DeSantis thinks his feud with Disney will pay off. Here’s why – BBC News

UBC delivers a tiny band-aid solution to Doctors Shortage👉B.C. is training 186 new family doctors, hoping to reduce the shortage | Vancouver Sun ….. B.C.’s health care needs a gigantic shake-up

Victoria hugely overpays it’s bureaucrats!!!! …. it’s a question of supply and demand ….. the solution is to amalgamate our 13 local governments ….. then the bureaucrats will have only one customer👉Municipal tax increases are hard to justify – Victoria Times Colonist …… Victoria’s pro-development  bureaucrats offer band-aid solutions to city’s rotting downtown👉Plans for downtown include more police patrols, cleaning – Victoria Times Colonist

University fires staff because they called themselves the words “he” and “she”👉Using ‘he/him,’ ‘she/her’ in emails got 2 dorm directors fired at small New York Christian college | CityNews Toronto

B.C. health care worse-and-worse-and-worse!!!!👉Emergency doctors needed to fill shifts at Saanich hospital – Victoria Times Colonist

Beleaguered Premier Smith

Alberta’s Smith/Notley debate👉(28) Alberta leaders debate 2023: Danielle Smith, Rachel Notley face off ahead of election | FULL – YouTube

Just before provincial election, scandal and forest fires immerse Alberta’s tory  premier. Ethics Commissioner calls her “a threat to democracy”👉Alberta Premier Smith breached Conflicts of Interest Act, says ethics commissioner | CBC News

Inflation grows!!!! Will interest rates?👉Annual inflation rate edged up in April, raises chances of higher interest rates – Victoria Times Colonist

Eby supports local government drug ban👉Eby offers to work with municipalities on public drug use – Victoria Times Colonist

Other half of husband-and-wife-conflict-of-interest team “steps down” as boss of non-profit👉Janice Abbott, embattled CEO of B.C. housing operator, resigns | CTV News

“Deep Southern” Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana adopt the “science of teaching” – their kids’ reading scores soar!!!!!👉‘Mississippi miracle’: Kids’ reading scores have soared in Deep South states | AP News

Drugs kill 11 times more native women than white!!!!!👉Toxic drugs killing B.C. First Nations women at high rate – Victoria Times Colonist

Alberta’s premier wants to force drug addicts to take treatment👉Alberta UCP promises to pass law for involuntary treatment of severely drug addicted | CTV News

Wait times so long, B.C. pays for cancer treatments in the U.S.👉Cancer patients waiting for radiation can go to Bellingham – Victoria Times Colonist

B.C. evictions double other provinces!!!!!! Landlords push more British Columbians out of housing than in any other province!!!!!! Mired in paralysis by analysis, Eby currently “exploring options”??????👉B.C. is Canada’s eviction capital, new research shows – Victoria Times Colonist

Paralysis by Analysis: Eby amasses “Contact Information”, “Stabilization Funding”, “Research” – number of maternity doctors halves!!!!!!!👉Maternity doctor shortage leaves pregnant women scrambling – Victoria Times Colonist

How the B.C. ProfitNow lobby and the  B.C. “Liberal” (now “B.C. United”) Party destroyed B.C.’s apprenticeship programs👉B.C.’s trades training needs significant changes – Victoria Times Colonist And it’s shocking that the NDP have done nothing about restoring apprenticeships!!!!! Essential to a vibrant economy!!!!

Propaganda-driven Victoria mayor and NDP MLA move homeless camp beside kids recreation center👉Topaz Park campers shifted to skate park area used by kids – Victoria Times Colonist

Are B.C. judges whittling down titles to native lands?👉First Nation did not prove Aboriginal title for entire claim area: B.C. Supreme Court | CBC News

Did Trump sucker CNN into a “townhall meeting” stacked with nothing but fanatical supporters? You bet he did!!!!👉CNN’s Anderson Cooper Addresses Trump Town Hall Debacle: “You Have Every Right to Be Outraged” ( were the Democrats? Sulking in their ivory towers??

Are B.C. kops trigger-happy?👉IIO investigating police-involved shooting in Duncan – Victoria Times Colonist

The confused world of U.S. immigration👉‘Chaotic’ down south, concern up north as U.S. ends COVID border, immigration rules – Midland News (

Booze industry propaganda is mierda de toro!!!!!Alcohol causes  breast, colon, rectum, mouth and throat, liver, esophagus, and larynx cancers, damages DNA!!!!!👉New B.C. awareness campaign sends tough message: alcohol causes cancer – Vancouver Is Awesome

Eby prohibits B.C. Government lawyers from joining union of their own choice👉NDP silence on government lawyer bill speaks volumes – Alaska Highway News

TrudeauJr. looks on as Air Canada and WestJet work at creating an absolute  monopoly in the West and an  absolute monopoly in the East ….. air travelers fed up👉Customer satisfaction with Air Canada, WestJet below average: Survey |

Condemned building developer won’t tell nothin’ about nothin’👉Langford mayor frustrated by lack of info from tower owner – Victoria Times Colonist

Lobbyists, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Black Money, Kops Union fight against free speech in TV and the Internet👉Tanked Biden pick highlights escalation of dark-money forces | AP News

Texas Republican governor fumbles – wants to  pardon Nazi murderer👉Army sergeant who fatally shot BLM protester in Texas sentenced to 25 years as governor seeks pardon | AP News

With a few bones thrown to the Korrectness Kops, the museum that brought down Lumberjack John Horgan reopens its Third Floor👉Old Town to reopen at the Royal B.C. Museum in July – Victoria Times Colonist

Canada won’t buy subs from U.S. arms merchants – U.S. dings us from defense agreement👉PM’s former adviser says there’s no indication Canada was invited to join AUKUS defence pact | CBC News

While the Homeless slept in the streets, Eby’s ineffective BC Housing Chief paid gobs of housing funds to his own wife👉NDP looks helpless on housing scandal – Victoria Times Colonist👉👉Forensic Audit Reveals Conflict of Interest at BC Housing – Victoria Times Colonist👉👉👉Report finds mismanagement, risk to public funds at BC Housing under former CEO – Economy, Law & Politics | Business in Vancouver (

His feet dragging, TrudeauJr expels Chinese diplomat for threatening tory MP👉‘Persona non grata’: Canada expelling Chinese diplomat after threats to Tory MP – Vancouver Is Awesome

TrudeauJr Liberals say they want a Guaranteed Annual Income for all Canadians!!!!!👉Liberals reject balanced budget and mandatory voting as official policy – Vancouver Is Awesome

Pastor Artur Pawlowski says arsonists set his property on fire | World News

nazi preacher on rampage

Alberta’s tory premier caught egging-on nazi preacher👉Alberta UCP Leader Smith declines comment on pastor’s conviction in blockade protest –

Mortgage Monkey Business 👉Victoria mortgage broker’s firm faces lawsuits – Victoria Times Colonist

What do killer whales eat? - Baleines en direct

An Orca and its natural food supply

U.S. judge stops Alaska fishermen from blocking Canadian killer whales’ salmon supply👉To feed endangered whales, Alaska ordered to stop intercepting B.C.-bound salmon – New West Record

B.C. kops big killers👉B.C. police among Canada’s deadliest, figures suggest | Vancouver Sun

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