News on April 30 2023

For seven yars Trudeau Jr. has neglected B.C.’s overdose crisis👉B.C. marks 7th anniversary of overdose emergency | CTV News …… Toxic-drug  crisis drives Carpenter’s union to distribute life saving naloxone to its member members👉👉Carpenters’ union providing naloxone kits to members | Flipboard ……. Trudeau Jr. won’t  declare war on  the drug dealers …… To reap more profit drug dealers mix in more deadly drugs👉👉👉Island Health warns of increased overdose risk – Victoria Times Colonist

MIERDA DE TORO !!!!!   Independent report proves Cruise Ship/Harbour Authority claims mierda de toro – cruise ships are a  lousy way to try to earn tourist dollars!!!!!!👉REPORT: New analysis exposes cruise tourism benefits as overinflated myth – Stand.earthWhile David Eby fiddles with “hubs”, released repeat offenders repeat and repeat and repeat👉New ‘hubs’ in 12 cities to tackle repeat violent offenders – Victoria Times Colonist

David Eby – like John Horgan – won’t set up rail and/or bus network  to take Vancouver Islanders – without an auto – from one end of Vancouver Island to another👉Reality TV show highlights B.C.’s limited transport options – Vancouver Is Awesome

If you buy an electric car – your waste 30 mintues to eight hour to “fill-up”👉How Long Does It Take to Charge an Electric Car? | Pod Point ( …… but – while homeless sleep in and mugger haunt the streets, David  Eby wastes $26 million to build  250 charging stations👉British Columbia EV news: More charging stations announced – North Shore News (

In traditionally Tory Alberta’s May 29th election poll  Angus Reid polls the Tories with 46%, the NDP with 43%👉Alberta Spotlight: Smith and UCP lead as the NDP fights in Calgary to convert warmth for Notley into votes – Angus Reid Institute


The B.C. “Liberal” Party Changes its Name👉B.C. Liberals forge ahead with name change to B.C. United – Victoria Times Colonist…… A “rose” by any other name would smell as “sweet”!!!! ……. Times Colonist cartoonist Raeside depicts “Liberal”/B.C. United leader as double talking nerd👉👉Adrian Raeside cartoon, Times Colonist, April 11, 2023: Photo Gallery – Victoria Times Colonist




America’s Wanna’Be Hitler and his Storm Troopers 👉Trump says he expects to be arrested in hush-money case, stokes unrest on social media | PBS NewsHour …… Trump’s four biggest legal problems👉Donald Trump: His four biggest legal problems – BBC News👉What happens next if Trump is arrested on Tuesday? – BBC News,,,,,, If Trump is arrested Judge may refuse him  bail!!!!!

The upside of Canadian banks – They don’t go bankrupt!!!! Three Yuppinomical/Funny Money U.S. banks goe belly-up👉Silicon Valley Bank’s failure shakes companies worldwide, from wine country to London | PBS NewsHour👉March 2023 United States bank failures – Wikipedia …… YuppyBank woes shoot down the price of oil👉Oil prices plunge, Canadian energy stocks take beating as global banking fears spread – Vancouver Is Awesome …… Saudis stop backing Credit Suisse👉Credit Suisse – Wikipedia

Lord Strathcona – he built the CPR – JUST RELEASED Government Study!!!! 👉READ THE DETAILS: An Island Railway would remove the cost of 10,000 to 26,000 truckloads of freight off our highways👉 SEE RAIL COSTS 1/3  OF  TRUCK TRANSPORT

      • FROM THE ANALS OF GEORGE ORWELL: Trump attacks Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch for telling the truth 👉READ Afraid of losing profits, Murdoch directed  Fox News to outright lie about the 2020 Election

      • Victoria opens warming centres for homeless left over from the Days of Horgan👉READ ABOUT THEM

      • Rail or no rail, Vancouver Islanders have no bus service !!!!!👉READ

      • Will Justin Trudeau ever get over Pierre Trudeau’s crush on China?👉JUSTIN DEFENDS PROCHINA LIBERAL but LIBERALS BAN TIKTOK FROM GOVERNMENT PHONES

      • Doctors’ Union wants to protect doctors’ turf more than it wants to give B.C. good health care 👉 READ WHAT A SENIOR HEALTH BUREAUCRAT – KEN FYKE – SAYS IN THE TIMES COLONIST’S “E EDITION” –  IF YOU CAN DECIPHER IT

      • Roxham Road: The little country road that became a big political headache for the Trudeau government👉HERE’S THE SCOOP ON ROXHAM ROAD

      • In two years Royal B.C. Museum cost shoots up 52% to $270 Million👉READ LES LEYNE’S REPORT and👉READ MORE DETAILS

      • B.C, Appeal Court rules Beacon Hill Park homeless camping illegal👉READ

      • Every Canadian has a fundamental right to a decent home ….. READ HOW GOVERNMENTS ALL OVER CANADA ARE ABUSING THE HOMELESS 

      • The B.C. Legislature muddles 👉 LES LEYNE SAYS PREMIER EBY’S 100 DAYS ARE STANDING STILL – READ

      • For $30 Ontarians who pay $30 a month buy rapid access to a nurse practitioner 👉 READ THE DETAILS

      • Sorry Don Lemon, you’re a black media star … you can talk but you can’t express your opinions on CNN …. You’re sentenced to be politically reeducated, Chinese style 👉READ THE DETAILS

      • B.C. Doctors’ Union red-tapes not only Canadian doctors trained abroad but Canadian doctors from out-of-BC👉READ ABOUT WHOSE CAUSING B.C.’s DOCTORS’ SHORTAGE

      • Ukraine war: What support is China giving Russia?👉READ THE BBC REPORT

      • So far the Russian economy has survived Western sanctions. Can it last? 👉READ THE DETAILS … Some Russia experts expect Ukraine failure will cause antiPutin coup👉 READ ASSOIATED PRESS STORY

      • Guns slaughter in the U.S. streets while right-wing U.S. Supreme Court muddies the waters of U.S. gun control 👉READ

      • Should British Columbia change its name?👉READ JACK KNOX’S STORY

      • Trudeau and Ottawa didn’t need the Emergencies Act to quelch  the Convoy Nazis  👉  READ ABOUT HOW THEY BUNGLED AND WAFFLED 

      • Cutthroat Capitalism and Journalism don’t mix … How Rupert Murdock’s Fox News – only for profit and  deliberately – spread Trump’s election lies 👉 READBiden and the U.S. Congress should kick Murdoch out of America!!!!

      • B.C. Physician Assistants would give BC residents  150% of the health care they get today at 1/3rd the price BC pays for doctors – Alberta aNd Ontario does it  ,,, Why doesn’t B.C. do it????  👉READ ABOUT IT

      • B.C. Maritime Museum’s deal with Bateman Gallery falls through …. is the Maritime Museum blocked from occupying Steamship Terminal ….  Is the Royal B.C. Museum sabotaging the Maritime Museum?👉 READ ABOUT IT Chinese and Mexican fentanyl  has killed over one million Canadians and Americans!!!! SEE ALL ABOUT ITIt’s time to boycott all Chinese and Mexican imports until they stop!!!

      • The State of Oregon has a Nazi problem 👉 READ ABOUT IT

      • Green crabs invade B.C. waters, wrack destruction but they’re good to eat 👉 READ ABOUT THE LITTLE CRITTERS

      • Biden concedes three mysterious shot-down flying objects probably not spy balloons 👉READ MORE … Mounties and U.S. military stop looking the objects 👉 READ

      • The notorious National Parole Board lets dangerous murderer loose on Vancouver Island ….. READ ALL ABOUT IT

      • Feds hold in their hands the fate of the Vancouver Island Railway – have less than a month to decide – diddle  ….. READ ALL ABOUT IT

      • THIS JUST IN: Eby’s Tourist minister wants Third Floor of B.C. Museum reopened READ ALL ABOUT IT

      • The Doctors’ Union is blocking 13.000 (15% of) doctors from practicing in Canada READ ALL ABOUT IT

      • U.S. voter Ukraine support slips READ ALL ABOUT IT

      • NORAD shoots down third Chinese balloon?? over Canada  READ ALL ABOUT IT …… U.S. shoots down a fourth!!!!!! READ ABOUT IT

      • Mayor unzipped  and – in tory Toronto,  that’s a capital offense – quit!!!! READ ALL ABOUT IT

      • Lumber Jack John Horgan swears off politics READ ALL ABOUT IT

      • Right in the middle of Earthquake Country, are we ready for the BIG ONE READ ALL ABOUT IT

      • Is the City of Victoria about to blow $100 Million on a  swimming pool? READ ALL ABOUT IT ….. The Crystal Pool has five 50 metre lanes. Each lane should cost no more than $500,000. ….. Therefore the basic cost of the swimming pool is only no more than $2.5 million!!! Where did an extra $97.5 million go???!!! 

        The Royal B.C. Museum’s Third Floor – it undid Lumber Jack John Horgan – still exists!!! READ ALL ABOUT IT

      • To protect Quebec’s dairy industry, the Canada’s “Dairy Commission” OKed inlafating  the price of milk over 13 % in 2022, doubled the profit of Quebec’s massive milk merchant Saputo READ ALL ABOUT IT


      • DANGER!!!! Chinese bureaucracy blocks use of U.S./ China  “Red Phone” Hot Line!!!! READ ALL ABOUT IT

      • Vancouver developer demolishes landmark arbutus to build luxury condos in Langford READ ALL ABOUT IT


      • Victorians wait in walk-ins – longer than anyone else in Canada  except in North Vancouver !!!READ ALL ABOUT IT ….. Do British Columbians receive the worst  health care in Canada??

      • Jack Knox: Why a burger costs $21.50 READ ALL ABOUT IT

      • Nazi stormtroopers aim to destroy U.S. power grid READ ALL ABOUT IT


  • NIMBYVILLE, (Oak By) B.C. Early each morning, hundreds of barking, bawling, bellowing, yapping, screaming and yelling  sealions feast on herring, wake the DO NOT DISTURB snooty plutocrats!!!! READ ALL ABOUT IT

  • Only 37% of U.S. Democrats  and 13% of Americans think Biden should run again ……   they say he’s too old  … many worry about  “his coughing, his gait, his gaffes”READ ALL ABOUT IT


  • U.S. shoots down a balloon which has a special interest in U.S. Air Force. Its a “wind-blown, innocent weather balloon” protests China. “Baloney” says the home of the brave and the land of the free.  READ ALL ABOUT IT,,,,,Why would China uses  spy balloon when it has satellites?READ ALL ABOUT IT …… Is this Chinese upside/down diplomacy or another Chinese boo-boo?READ ABOUT IT

  • Upside/Down Chinese Diplomacy or another Chinese Boo-Boo?

    The European Union faces crude oil shipping and insurance companies to keep Russian oil down to $60 per barrel with great success READ ALL ABOUT IT


  • Sanctions against Russian bigshots – is Trudeau  dragging his feet? NDP say Liberals staging “political theatre!!!READ ALL ABOUT IT

  • Eby  decrees that half of B.C. government workers can work at home  BUT Victoria’s downtown businesses lose customers  READ ALL ABOUT IT

  • Offshore pulp mill companies desert Port Alice, leave unpaid debts, $50 Million environmental mess. Port Alice’s population halves. B.C. taxpayers bail Port Alice out … clean up ocean … gradually the village is regrowingREAD ALL ABOUT IT

  • NDP drag Liberals to make rules for old folks homesREAD ALL ABOUT IT

  • Before easier drug laws, police acted as judge and jury to decide whether to charge small time drug offenders …… No longer!!!!READ ALL ABOUT IT

Nazis planning anniversary Ottawa convoy rally ,,,. READ ALL ABOUT IT

Wannabe Dictator Backs Off: Alberta’s ToryPremier Smith tries to set-up behind-closed -doors- government!!!! – Albertans rebel – Democracy prevails




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