NDP stacks voting referendum

bob_head_flipPoliticians didn’t used to be shy about stacking meetings and elections. Today a politician must pretend to be a boy scout (or girl guide) – exposing oneself as incorrect is incorrect – nevertheless columnist Les Leyne describes (link to Leyne’s story) how the sainted NDP is stacking B.C.’s “proportional representation” referendum so the good guys win and black-hatted capitalists never again monopolize political power.

“Affordable housing” used to  mean housing that didn’t stress out over half the population. During the 1940s and 50s,  Federal Liberals set the line – housing should cost no more than 28% one family member’s income. But Mayor Helps of Victoria – recently converted from raising chickens in her backyard to being any Victoria developer’s best friend –   has moved the safety zone for affordable housing from 28% of one family member’s income to 45% of all family members’ incomes. Did developers and Victoria’s puppet city planners write her scrip? She forgets that finances stress over half of B.C. women and upping the ante for affordable housing piles on stress.

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