Russians steal Trump files from Democrats

June 15, 2016 – KGB and Russian Military steal Democrats’ Trump files – PBS – this is actually not unusual for Russia. They have a very aggressive competition between their intelligence agencies. They’re always trying to one-up one another, to look better in front of Putin, to get more budget, more power.

June 10, 2016 – Trump-led Republicans — Ship Sinking –  Trump calls for GOP unity, says party risks losing Senate – The Republican party has to be tough and smart,” he said. “If not, I’m gonna win but a lot of other people are not

May 5, 2016 — CBC’s Neil Macdonald predicts “Trump is the fuel, but Republican Party will burn itself down … Almost certainly, as the conservative columnist George F. Will predicts, a Trump nomination will create all sorts of ‘down-ballot carnage’: state, county and municipal Republicans will capsize in his bombastic wake … It will probably mean a generation in the wilderness, or maybe two, before conservatives reform and achieve national power again.”March 29, 2016 — Illinois Republican Senator breaks ranks  Mark Kirk becomes first Senate Republican to meet with Garland – Quinn Bowman

March 29 — With Supreme Court Tie, Teachers Unions Dodge A Bullet

March 16, 2016 — to replace  late U.S. Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia, President Obama has come up with Judge Merrick Garland, a replacement of whom many powerful Republicans approve. Butto sycophant to Southern racists, the Republican Senate refuses to even consider any appointment Obama sends — them simply because it is America’s first Black President who sends it to them.  Under Article 2 of the U. S. Constitution Obama “shall nominate, and by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, shall appoint …  judges of the Supreme Court.”  In Canada our Supreme Court would force the Senate to give Judge Garland a timely and fair hearing (under a Writ of Mandamus). We suspect the Supreme Court of the United States would do the same thing. Whatever the result, to cowtow to their Southern “base”, the Republicans have again messed their Senate nest.

Confederate/Ku Klux Klan flag

Tuesday, January 12, 2016 , President Barak Obama spoke to both houses of the U.S. Congress — his yearly “State of the Nation” speech. Even Republican Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina called Obama’s speech “eloquent” — U.S. Republicans chose Ms. Haley to officially rebut the President. But …… every Republican member of the U.S. Congress sat on their hands —  the Republicans had set up a “SIT-ON-YOUR-HANDS” rule and their party whips, Fox News, right-wing radio fanatics and the people who legally bribed the Republican Congressmen  with “political contributions” enforced it — even House Speaker Paul Ryan wouldn’t clap.


Ex-President Richard Nixon

The Republicans’ cranky, owly, outright ornery, “screw-the-world and the United States of America” behaviour was one side of the Republican/Democratic chasm — a gap started when expelled president “Tricky Dicky” Nixon thought up the so-called “Southern Strategy”. From the freeing of the black slaves after the civil war until blacks and Democratic President Lyndon Johnson gaining Southern Blacks real rights in 1964, the Republican Party was the party of Lincoln the man who freed the slaves — the Democratic Party was  the home of real conservatives then — included in the Democratic coalition were the white inhabitants of the “Deep South” the former southern slave states. For 50 years southern whites had wasted all of their wealth and ingenuity putting down the black man. In 1968, a  warped and malevolent Richard Nixon,  hit upon the idea of turning the white South  – and the Republican Party into a racist redoubt. Since 1968 the white South has remained — with the help of the Republican Party and the Ku Klux Klan — the cess pool of American racism and the Republicans have  made the white south the “base” of the Republican Party to which the Republican Party has traded its conscience. In 2008, Americans elected Obama America’s first black president. Some Republicans say  they hate Obama because he is too Liberal – others because he believes too much in Government — in fact, Republicans hate him for the sole and simple fact that he is a black man and the southern base of the Republican Party hates “uppity Blacks”.

Lord Strathcona

Lord Strathcona

Meantime the Democratic Party has radicalized itself by taking up radical environmentalism of the light-minded Al Gore (poke a capitalist in the eye) variety.




Set-Em-Up Joe — former bartender Hy’s Ottawa

No! No! No! The Bernie Sanders brand of left-wing Democrat is sure not the airy-fairy hot air Al Gore variety. Sanders is every bit as specific and hard-hitting as Donald Trump




Eye Opener's Devil


March 31, 2016 – Republican Establishment Dead Against Equality – Paul Krugman, New York Times : “After all, what is the modern GOP? A simple model that accounts for just about everything you see is that it’s an engine designed to harness white resentment on behalf of higher incomes for the donor class.”

March 18, 2016 – Why President Obama Picked The ‘Only White Guy’ On His Shortlist – National Public Radio

Merrick Garland, President Obama’s Sensible Supreme Court Choice – The New Yorker – March 16, 2016
The Great Divide — Clinton, Sanders, and the future of the Democratic Party – Ryan Lizza – March 16, 2016

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