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What a rational China would do!!!


Editor Bob Edwards

Says Gwynne Dyer in the London Free Express:

And so to the grand drama of Trump’s tariff war with China. This one ought to be a no-brainer, because China is in an extremely vulnerable position. Its exports to America are worth almost three times as much as U.S. exports to China, so it really cannot afford to lose the U.S. market. 

Why don’t U.S. eggheads and trade fanatics know that?

Dyer says that China could easily and cheaply give Trump a phony trade victory like the one Canada’s Chrystia Freeland  gave him in the New NAFTA while she laughed- quietly – all the way to the bank – Trump will buy anything  which sells in Red Neck America where is located Trump’s base. 

Chinese dictator Xi has his own Red Neck base to please – and China’s Red Necks may revolt if China loses face against Trump. The real  Chinese economy already starves Chinese workers  of jobs and Xi also risks revolution for that reason too. Revolution in China means that Xi and his cronies – if they are lucky – will simply be lined up against walls and given the AK-47 treatment – if they are lucky – quickly. Xi fills his nightmares with images of the executions of Muammar Gaddafi and the Ceausescus.

According to Dyer, Xi’s only solution may be to stir up Red Neck support by trying to invade Taiwan.