Victoria’s Crystal Gardens – 1950

Victoria must revive Crystal Gardens 



Don’t let The Construction Lobby bulldoze Victoria’s water supply

Victoria Times Colonist tells Developers to think of the public interest stop goldbricking about Affordable Housing

All 13 Victoria Region mayors petition for rail between Langford and Victoria

Driving Expert Steve Wallace says – in effect – It’s time to strip the diapers off bike riders


Helps’s Bike Vigilantes murder downtown birch

Non-news story of the year – Construction Lobby’s unnecessary sewage project over budget – The Eye Opener predicts it’ll reach $1 Billion

Empress Hotel’s Greeter way too friendly

Victoria heavy-hitters unite to attack developers replacing heritage buildings with phoney fronts

Young professionals leaving Vancouver over high cost of housing

Left-wing councillor wants tax on vacant Victoria homes


Jack Knox: Bus-bike marriage: Is it time for a divorce?

Regional Government Holier-Than-Thous want Region to declare Climate Emergency

Victoria local government bans inside growing of marijuana on farm land – Victoria Times Colonist bows to Korrectness Kops – “Marijuana no longer “Marijuana” – “Pot” banned from Lingus Victorianus – the korrect word’s “Cannabis” – or is it “Kannabis”

University of Victoria Press Release claims forest fires caused by human induced greenhouse gas – did anyone see it? – did any experiment prove it?  proof by computerized human induced theories only!!!!

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