Did loose buggery laws bring on Fort McMurray fires?

Wildfire burns Fort McMurray



UPDATE — A Holy-Rolling Bishop says God has brought on  the Fort Mac fires because of lax buggery laws.

May 20, 2016 — The Insurance Bureau of Canada’s Chief says:

“At least part of the problem in Fort McMurray is that the city is surrounded by fire-prone boreal forests. Don Forgeron, CEO of the Insurance Bureau of Canada, says officials across the country should say no to developments in areas at risk of fire or flooding.”


UPDATE —  May 10, 2016 — Edo Nyland, Yukon’s retired forestry chief, says that, long before the Fort McMurray fire, Fort McMurray’s politicians and bureaucrats knew how to protect Fort McMurray against wildfires — did nothing!!!

Most likely Ol’ Man Lightning comesa thunderin’ out of the heavens and sets the earth afire. There ain’t nithin ya’ can do ‘cept’ tryin’ to steer it. Back in yer old days, the experts wanted to put out all fires before 10:30 in the morning. It never worked. Lightning causes more fires than anything else in Canada. As sure as lightning strikes so do forest fires. The best bet is — where it’s dangerous to feed forest fires — near a house — in front of a town — don’t feed them — lead them. Use fire breaks to break ’em up and steer ’em away. But don’t try to stop all forest fires. You’re building up more fuel for next year’s bigger fires.

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