CBC Catches Banks and Morneau’s Liberal Finance Department Playing Footsie

How the 1% spend their gotten gains – Plutocratic couple buy naming rights to University of Toronto Centre for $100 Million tax deduction


Pilot who hitched ride in cockpit saved doomed Lion Air Boeing 737 Max day before it crashed  – airline did nothing

Boeing software geeks lose out to common-sense pilots. Canada leads U.S. to ban all Boeing 737 Max 8s over safety concerns

Former U.S. Inspector General of Air Safety speaks out against Geek logic of letting 737s fly: “we don’t know why two have fallen out of the sky, and we don’t know why. And to me that says that you shouldn’t be on it until we do know why.”

Scientists won’t condemn Green’s (Piety Party’s) favourite propaganda villain – fracking

Nikita Khrushev: “If the people believe there’s an imaginary river out there, you don’t tell them there’s no river there. You build an imaginary bridge over the imaginary river.

Ain’t Capitalism Great – Daycare costs of two children = $1,850 per month

Profits rise but – of course – Shaw monopoly plans to gouge more

Prominent columnist Gwynne Dyer claims U.S. government lying about unemployment – rate 17.5% not 3.7% 

Monique Keiran: The lost art of conversation

New Canada Food Guide will worry  more about Canadians’ Health – less about power of Big Food Lobby

CBC – The dramatic change in the Canada Food Guide

Canadian Taxpayers Federation lobbies hard for Canada’s Big Food Companies

Donation bin-related deaths prompt manufacturer to stop production

The Annals of Capitalism – Waiting for trial – prisoners make blankets for the homeless —- Isn’t there a spare dollar for even a sleeping bag, self-inflatable mattress, a tent?

Newton’s apple tree stops Vancouver developer


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