Trudeau’s silly wild goose chase to ban oil tankers from Northern B.C.

For Profit Operators of old folks homes want to be rid of B.C. Seniors Advocate

NDP unprivatizes seniors’ home care


Supreme Court Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin to investigate B.C. legislature spending-goldbricking allegations

Province seriously studying restoring Vancouver Island railway system – is it inevitable?

NDP decrees ferries must – first – provide transportation not make profit


“Liberal” Premier accused of “having a backside feel” in London – Fellow “Liberal”Colleague defends boss with a two-sided sword – “Too much a cold fish,” says she

B.C. “Liberals” forced power customers to feed  billions to unidentified offshore buddies – customers are still paying

B.C. Attorney General – a lawyer –  says auto damage system benefits lawyers but no one else

NDP wins Nanaimo by-election in a close vote versus Liberals. Holier than Thous met their Maker.

A Holy Trumpian Slip!!!! Highly respected columnist Les Leyne says that – during the Nanaimo by-election Holier-Tan-Thou’s Chief bragged that NDP supporters were deserting NDP to the Holys. But after results were in – on CBC Radio – I personally heard the same Holy Man talk of how Holy supporters – during the campaign – were deserting Heaven for the NDP.

Horgan blames former B.C. “Liberal” government for Legislature scandal

Holier-Than-Thou Leader blames former “Liberal” Speaker for  politicizing and tainting B.C. Legislature

Speaker of Provincial Legislature claims Legocrats milked expense accounts like drunken sailors

B.C.’s answer to Joe McCarthy?

“None of the allegations have been proven in court and the RCMP investigation continues.”

HOLIER-THAN-THOU Leader Weaver – McCarthy-style – convicts  Legislature Legocrats without trial


NO side whips HOLIER THAN THOUs  (and NDP) in B.C. proportional representation vote

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