Obama — Do Nice Guys Finish Last?



John Ware – former slave who became Alberta rancher

April 24, 2016 – Obama dismisses NKorea proposal on halting nuke tests. “Pyongyang, meanwhile, has responded with a series of missile launches and statements in its media that the country has developed its long-range ballistic missile and nuclear warhead technologies to the point that they now present a credible deterrent and could even be used against targets on the U.S. mainland, though not all foreign analysts accept that claimApril 1, 2016 – April Fool’s Davy – 50 countries at Nuclear Security Summit discuss nuclear safety — North Korea launches rockets — jams global GPS systems — Obama speaks — reminding us of Anatole France’s description of a great rhetorician: “filled with a foamy eloquence, which glides but does not penetrate

March 23, 2016 — Kim Jong Un — the (in the words of Harry Truman) pip-squeak Chaplinesque North Korean dictator fires missiles, threatens nuclear attacks against the U.S. Oh for the good old days of Harry Truman who put North Korea — and the Soviet Union — in their places first. Then talk about it later. Today the President of the U.S. believes there’s good in all men and all nations and  that reason motivates their leaders.

“Mr. President, I’m going to sell my house to pay my son’s medical bills!!!”  U.S. Vice President Joe Biden recently told President Barak Obama. Cried  Obama, without hesitating, “I’ll [personally] give you the money. Whatever you need, I’ll give you the money. Don’t sell the house, Joe, promise me. Promise me …”



Obama sounds like a nice guy. But a leader?


I, a sentimental Irishman, believe that Obama is a nice guy. But Obama is not a genuine leader. He never will be — nor will 99.99% of the world’s inhabitants have in them what it takes. The old saying that “nice guys finish last” is maybe true.

Obama can lay on a hell of a speech. But nothing happens afterwards. He told the world he’d get rid of President Assad of Syria — and then he did not. When Vladmir Putin invaded the Crimea — Obama bawled him out — thought about it — did nothing — held meetings and made plans did nothing — paralyzed himself with thinking about it and making plans — did nothing. Putin considers Obama weak (and, being a bully) bullies him— so does Assad. Because Obama won’t force the Chinese to starve out North Korea, the North Koreans have run circles around him — and around Presidents Clinton and Bush before him. Worse, when Obama learned — right after his election — that Republicans in the U.S. Congress had declared war on him because he was a black — he should have fought back — violently! That’s the only thing that works in U.S. politics — if U.S. blacks hadn’t fought back in 1963, they’d still be segregated.

I’ll tell you a U.S. leader who did stand up — President Lyndon Johnson (“LBJ”) — Southern leaders told him his David Levine's famous cartoon of Lyndon Baynes Johnsoncivil rights legislation would drive the southern  states (where the Democratic Party had been supreme since before the Civil War) they’d gerrymander it. “It’s the right thing to do and — if I don’t do it — what’s the point of being president.” And master strategist that he was, he outmaneuvered his fellow southerners (and lost the south).

Field Marshall Gabriel Dumont

Field Marshall Gabriel Dumont

Lyndon certainly never put on to be a “nice guy”. He tried to bully everyone. If he couldn’t bully, he bribed and sucked up — without shame. He treated his wife and all women — unless he was working on seducing them — like inanimate objects. He was totally corrupt. A former Secret Service Agent — told how LBJ often staggered around drunk and, during interviews, urinated in bathroom sinks. His behaviour was beyond the imagination of Shakespeare. But, he “got things did” as he often said. When he thought the right thing had to be done, he never feared  to speak truth to power. In other words, he was no Obama. If it hadn’t been for LBJ and brave blacks, a black man never would have been elected president in 2008 — the Southern United States would still be segregated or fighting a racial civil war.

President Harry S. Truman was a “nice guy” (although Adlai Stevenson said Truman thought he, Truman, was “the world’s greatest expert on everything” — power corrupts even the nice guys). The Republican cartoon you see below shows Truman wearing General Douglas MacArthur’s star-spangled cap — sure enough Truman was a little twirp of a guy — his aunt said he should have been a girl —

President Harry S. Truman

President Harry S. Truman


Before a heart attack killed Franklin Delanor Roosevelt right at the end of World War II, Roosevelt much discounted Truman — never did  tell Truman about the U.S.’s nearly completed atomic bomb project. Within four months of Roosevelt’s death, Truman had to decide whether to drop the bomb on Japan. Believing he would save American lives, Truman — didn’t hesitate — dropped the bomb. When Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin tried to take over Europe Truman didn’t waste time studying the subject — didn’t hesitate — set up the Marshall Plan — spent huge chunks of U.S. treasure — saved Europe and built it into what it is today — in the long run — destroyed the Soviet Union. When black American troops came home from the Second World War — segregated — German prisoners ate in army dining halls — but black American soldiers couldn’t eat in the same dining halls — Truman — didn’t hesitate  —  desegregated the Army. The U.S. South and  U.S. Generals warned him against it — that it might start another civil war — “These soldiers spilt their blood for America for Christ’s sake — it’s the right thing to do and I’m doing it!!!” When North Korea invaded South Korea in 1950 — Truman — didn’t hesitate — sent in U.S. troops — forced the United Nations to support him (compare that to what Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama have done against North Korea). When the great World War II victor of the Pacific – Douglas MacArthur, the American Caesar – got too big for his britches – Truman — didn’t hesitate— fired MacArthur  and destroyed any chance MacArthur may have had of “crossing the Rubicon” and setting up a Caesar-like military dictatorship at home in the U.S.. When a Missouri District Attorney  put Truman’s friend and mentor Big Tom Pendergast  in the penitentiary — Truman — didn’t hesitate — visited Pendergast in the penitentiary.Eye Opener's DevilLINKS







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