Kop Kultur – alive and well in Victoria, B.C. — throughout North America

June 11, 2016 – Children’s’ Watchdog calls for inquest into death of young man shot by police – Sarah Petrescu – We can’t allow someone to disappear from our community and say it’s over without learning [how this can be prevented]
June 11, 2016 – Regina Police Officer Begging On Side Of The Road Tickets DriversHuffington Post – Here I am getting in trouble because I took my seatbelt off for two seconds to pull change out of my pocket and reach out and give it to a guy
April 28, 2016 – Ex-Reserve Deputy Who Confused Gun With Taser, Killing Suspect, Is Convicted
April 22, 2016 Human Rights Tribunal orders Victoria Cop Shop to pay pro-pot-cop $20,000 December 31, 2015 To hear police propaganda doctors tell it, Kanadian Kops are no longer obsessed by the billy club and the “Superman” philosophy of Fredrich Nietzsche  — now —  in 2015 — the former flatfoots spend their evenings studying for online sociology, restorative justice and gender sensitivity degrees from The University of Victoria. Alas the leopard may not have changed his spots. Weeks ago some snitch informed  the Chief of Police of Saanich B.C. that one of his kops named Todd Lamb had joined forces with a gang of Yankee flim-flam artists, shot a YouTube video crowned himself “the leader of an elite SWAT team and one of the top tactical fitness experts in the world”. Lamb and, presumably, the flim-flamers told viewers they were “furious to see the sneaky feminization of the once proud male physique” and the “sissy-fication of the male population“. Lamb and the good-guy flim-flamers offered to train wannabe tough guys, rednecks and kops  — kop kutur and manliness — for  $197.00 plus the opportunity “for a limited time only” to buy a gallon of testosterone laced snake oil. Todd promised to make any 90-pound weaklings or beer-bellied security guard whose “manhood is under attack” into an “alpha male … who naturally attracts women … but can still drink beer and eat burgers to his heart’s content“.   Lamb wasn’t a rogue kop — he was a sergeant on the Saanich force, the former head of the local police union and of the Victoria region’s paramilitary SWAT team. The Chief didn’t shut Lamb up for weeks. Lamb finally resigned from the force on August 27, 2015 but the Chief denied any responsibility for Lamb’s quitting. We suspect the Chief either sympathizes with Lamb or lives in fear of the local police union. Either way, Lamb and the Chief have again shown that, kop culture hasn’t changed — its best to approach kops with a keen sense of paranoia. As Alfred Hitchcock once said: “I’m not against the police; I’m just afraid of them”



Cut the cops some slack for the sake of decency and the Canadian way  — they’re men’s men — they’re putting their lives on the line. You want to see what the cops go thru — for the love of our Lord Jesus Christ, look at Time Magazine —- this month a member of the fairer sex photo’d Philadelphia’s finest — have a look at what she saw “What It Means to Be a Cop Today“. I’m a 100% red-blooded Corn Law Tory and so George Orwell is almost always full of cow manure but Orwell (a former British colonial cop) did say one true thing about these protectors that Jesus has — in his infinite mercy — given us: “People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”



The Time Magazine police are U.S.  cops and things are totally different in “The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave”. The American cops are at racial war with America’s ghetto dwellers. The police and their spouses are scared for their lives and  the U.S.military have turned American police into warriors – handed them tanks and machine guns and attack helicopters. Their spouses and their unions have ordered American cops to shoot first and ask questions later. Canadian kops watch too many American kop shows, swallow too many steroids and someone should kick their behinds. Canadian politicians haven’t got the guts to do anything about it. And lets cut out these big, taxpayer paid funerals — getting killed very infrequently is, after all, part of being a cop. A few years ago the Toronto police union sold donation stickers a citizen could paste on his windshield — a sure pass not to get parking or traffic tickets. They went too far and the public raised enough hell to stop it. Give the police too much slack and we’ll end up with a police state. And then, in the words of Orwell,  we’ll be run “for the police and by the police — only the police will matter“.



January 26, 2016 – A Toronto Police constable poured three pistol bullets into an ecstasy deranged teenager — k



illed him — fired five more shots into the dead body. A Toronto crown prosecutor charged the constable with murder (the same prosecutor, we wonder,  who prosecuted Jian Ghomeshi ?)


Charles Dickens’s Mr. Bumble said it right: “If the law says that the law’s an ass”.



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