Grassroots Tories want to liberalize


Set ‘Em Up Joe

2016-05-23 – At a Federal policy convention this week, Grassroots Tories hope to take powers away from their party leader.

2016-05-14 – Before Canadian voters asked to leave office, Stephen Harper thought he’d use Federal Conservative money and imagined talent to put back together Alberta’s divided tories. 20 or so years ago, Harper banged together all the bobble heads of  right-wing arm flappers,  took out a big stick and ordered  them to sit down and shut up. Harper ran Canada for almost 10 years.

May 29, 2016 – Alberta tory Wildrose SORRY, SORRY, SORRY for anti-gay babble – Victoria Times Colonist
May 28, 2016 – Ottawa Posts $2B Deficit For Fiscal Year, Despite Tory Promises Of Surplus – Canadian Press
May 26, 2016 – Is Libertinism drowning Social Conservatism in Canada’s Tory party? – Althia Raj – Most Conservatives — aside from social conservatives, Mills said — are rooted in libertarianism


A few years ago Alberta’s tory (Progressive Conservative or PC ) government wanted to force Alberta’s oil companies to pay more oil and gas  royalties. “Well,”  said the Oil Companies, “That’s too much progressive and too little conservative. We’ll just get out our chequebooks and set up a new party – ten steps to the right of Attila The Hun. We’ll call her the ‘Wild Rose Party'”. Well as they say on Wall Street: “A fool and his money are soon parted.”  They set up the Wild Rose — and promptly split Alberta tory votes between two parties – the PCers and The Wild Rose. In the 2015 Alberta Election, 52% of voting Albertans voted for the two parties, 28% voted for the PCers and 24% for the Wild Rose   Meantime 41% voted for the NDP. Because the the right-wingers didn’t combine, the  NDP won 54 seats, the PCs won only 10 seats, the Wildrose 21 seats. Out in Alberta where Toryanosauruses roam, the socialist NDP won an absolute majority government (and promptly did not raise royalties). The tory puttyheads have learned nothing  — the two parties are still at each others throats. Harper believes he(?) or some other tough leader has to knock heads together again — maybe set up a new Alberta Conservative Party.  Lessons learned:

  1. Some conservatives ain’t that bright.
  2. Businessmen should stay out of politics.
  3. Can Humpty Dumpty be put back together again?

March 18, 2016 – These  last two weeks, one of the Globe’s top reporters has spent eons

Marty Feldman

Keen swivel-eyed tory

tracing down Stephen Harper – but months ago Prime Minister Snarl smirked from every television in the land. Has his visage descended into the primodal ooze surrounding Abbostsford, B.C. or fozzalized where the dinosaurs roam in the Alberta badlands.


But there is more. According to The Guardian newspaper, English Tories still complain plenty of the prevalence of “swivel-eyed” loons inside and outside the Conservative Party. No longer in Canada. Just months ago the birds squawked and ravished the environment in Canada but no more. They’ve disappeared. I’m told by a prominent evangelical that the rot laid in when god extincted the dinosaur  two thousand years before the demise of Stockwell (Alley Oop) Day.


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